Friday, March 12, 2010

Sorry for KILLING 'you' :P

Today I woke up as usual,after online for awhile,then I went to the basin there to brush my teeth...
when I walked out to the basin there,i found out that all my housemates were still sleeping like pigs that time...ok,that is not the main point of the story btw.

I was happily brushing my teeth at there until I felt something was climbing on my legs...
I ignored it at first,but my leg was getting more itchy!then I looked down with my toothbrush inside my mouth and all the toothpaste bubble covered all around my mouth....
I was like WTF!!!!!It really gave me a shock of my life when I saw so many black ants were actually climbing up my foot and leg!!!!OMG!

I quickly jumped away from the basin area without hesitating >.< the whole floor was actually conquered by ants!
then I took the water heater and filled it with water,waited it to be boiled...
right after it boiled,muahahaha,it was my turn to revenge for disturbing me while I was brushing my teeth!
Pouring hot boiled water onto those stupid antssss was the only idea which came into my mind that time!haha...I knew it is abit cruel,but it is the only and the faster solution to kill them in 1 shot!
so I poured the water I boiled just now on them,and within a few seconds,I saw so many dead ants on floor :P

some of the ants which I killed without mercy~sorry
(note that it is just 'some' hahaa)

After killing those annoying ants,I continue to brush my teeth with peace without any disturbance around ^^

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