Saturday, March 13, 2010

craps bout my moody day again

I thought when a person is in bad mood,eating will be the best way to make the person become happy again,every movie said like that
BUT it seems like it didn't really work on me this moody little guy

I am really bad mood today!It had been such a long time I didn't bad mood like today ever since the incident which happened 2 years ago during the last day of my matriculation life...
2 years ago because of somethings happened,I lost one of my best friends,2 years after that (today) the same incident might be happening again,it is just depend on when will it happen,and how long I can stand over it...It might explode anytime...I don't know....
(if you are my friends,after reading this,please don't ask me what is actually happening to me,because I am really not going to tell you all the truth,just like the incident which happened 2 years ago,I wish I can keep it as my own secret for the rest of my life...sorry)

OK,back to the story,I said eating is not the way for me to become happy again,why did I say so?!
I thought the eating will work on me as how it works on others,so I did order many things just now at McD
Yup,I went there alone,before going there,I asked one of my friends who are bad mood also today,but he refused my invitation,so I went out alone by motor
I ordered 1 set of Spicy Chicken McDeluxe,1 Chicken Burger,and also 1 Sundae Choc
It cost me Rm15 in total,but at the end,I just ate around Rm7.50 of it overall I wasted half of the everything I ordered...

For example,this Sundae Choc,I just ate the whole chocolate on top of the vanilla!
it really was a waste of food,but please forgive me for 1 time due to my bad mood,at least having those chocolate really had sweeten my heart

and not only for Sundae Choc,the same thing happened to the Coke,Spicy Chic McDeluxe,and the french-fried!Half of them were still on the table when I left....

But I really enjoy the process of going out alone with motor speeding on the highway with 100km/hour,ordering sooo many things,and then eating nonstop until I full full ,especially when I was enjoying the chocolate,the process really made me feel better...Just eat without thinking anything sad!^^

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