Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bufday,Gambling,and Nail Removing Again

TOMORROW,it will be my friend/ex-roomate/recent housemate/coursemate's---Yee Tong's BIG BIG DAY!but we made the celebration with him on yesterday..haha

It was his birthday and we did celebrated at the college cafe,although it was a 'FAILURE' celebration,because at first we planned to hide and walk out together with the cake to give him surprise when he reached cafe,but at the end,the one who got surprised were us,we all didn't hide ourselve,all of us just stood at the cafe there chatting like long time no see,some even stood in front of the television and watched the NON-LIVE football match =.= then when the birthday boy entered the cafe,he saw all of us standing at there and he knew it we were at there for his celebration!

WE sing birthday song,english version and mandarin version...
HE cut the cake...
WE ate the cake,and of course HE also ate the cake as well...
WE took some pictures too..(but so sad the pictures are not with me,so no picture from me here >.<) and lastly upon the request from the birthday boy . . . . . . WE all GAMBLE yesterday night after the celebration!^^
(lolz,CNY play only)

To be honest,it was my first time gamble during this whole CNY
haha,and being the only 'HORSE' among all those 'SNAKE',I turned out to be the BIG BIG WINNER of the night!!!!!!wakakaka (won RM50 in 2hours)
It was my first time to be 庄 also!
It was my first time to win so much money!
my friend told me that 'HORSE' will be having a LUCKY year this year!wakakaka....(wondering if I go to gamble at casino,will I win there??lolz...)

~~THE END of yesterday story~~

Just now,I went to see doctor because of my big toe nail problem again
if you all still remember,last year I did go for a big toe nail removing session
This time I went to the same clinic,meeting the same doctor,for the same nail problem again...=.=
hate it when the doctor said my nail problem has big possibility to be recurrent...
aizzz,so maybe it will be reoccuring again and again in the future and I need to attend the nail removing session again and again and again....the nail removing process is really disgusting and it painful of course when the doctor trying to inject the anesthesia into my little big toe!wtf!!!!!!
Please la GOD,I hope this time will be the last time my big toe get injected by the needle!I already had it for twice and it is enough already!!!! =(

here are 1 video of the nail cutting by the doctor...hope you enjoy it!

I just feel like I am watching The Saw movie when I watch this video clip...yuaks!really not feeling so comfortable when I see the nail being pulled out from my toe!

BUT the only good thing for this time session was that I didn't need to pay the treatment fee myself!keke...
still remember the gamble yesterday,which I said I won RM50,haha...
so coincident the fee was also RM50 for these nail removal,so I used the money I won yesterday to pay for it!Thank you la my friends who contributed in the RM50!lolz....


  1. saw is much more syiok... urs ok nia la... x sampai tahap tu... lolss...
    BTW, who is the unlucky one loose so many 2 you har??? how many hubby had contributed??? i wanna chop ur toe down... == haha

  2. he din contributed much la...he win rm4 ar,if not mistaken...haha

  3. Not true!!! I played with my uncle and lost rm80!!!! Which means somebody can belanja me adi leh..

  4. did u read clearly??haha,I used up all the $$ in paying the treatment for my big miskin already...huhu

  5. take care uself..but really geli...i dont dare 2 watch...

  6. @ivan:what la...not very geli la,haha,go watch la,can increase ur knowledge leh...haha