Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ambi Pur~~, ENG KAH JOON was not the truely ENG KAH JOON himself!
I never thought I would fetch one of my enemy in my car!!!!
aiya,just pretended to be a gentlemen only
IF not I would have kicked U out from my car already~~

okie,the story was like this
today I got no class whole morning,so I went to the old flat(somewhere new my uni la) to have lunch and buy something loh
so coincident I met one of my coursemate (erm,not the enemy I meant up there la)
I ask him: how you came here wor?!
he answered: by uni bus loh~
I replied: oooh,wah,nvm la,later after ,lunch I fetch u back la.
he was so happy and said thank you.

When I was eating my lunch happily because I took fried sotong (my favourite), and I suddenly saw HIM!(obviously this 'HIM' referred to my enemy la)
I saw him passed by in front of me,and I was stunned there with my teeth stopped chewing the sotong inside my mouth!
He bought his lunch and sat together with us.
After that only I knew both of them were actually coming here together by bus!arghhh...
since I had told my friend I would fetch him back later after lunch,so TERPAKSAlah to fetch HIM along with me >.<

sometime being tooooo nice n kind hearted not so good also...
I think I gonna 'Ambi Pur' my car already,kill all the germ from HIM!!!!!

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