Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pig Face!

I dont know why there is such a shameless guy exist in this world!
the face is even thicker than pig skin!so beh-paiseh!

last week, I was chatting with one of my groupmates,call him as 'PIG FACE' la!
I: doctor will give us a journal to summarize, and we need to present it leh.
Pig face: okie,erm,u all go and summarize la,then I will be the presenter that

there were 4 topics given by the doctor,and we so ngam got 5 ppl in one group,so 4 of us will summarize each topic and the Pig will be the presenter loh~

then after we summarized the whole journal, when I told the Pig,asked him to look through first,cause the topic abit complication and difficult to understand, he said 'wah,so many to present ar?!and I am the only one presenter?!who else is going to presenting with me?!'

it was u urself who volunteered to become a presenter at first,cause u dont wanna to do any job mah,so ur wish was granted!but now u are asking someone to present with u!u better go to die la!

I didn't bother him,I just asked him to present alone loh~
but guess what,he purposely went to find doctor and pretend to ask some question about the presentation then tried to bring out the issue of too difficult to present alone!
I really beh tahan with that PIG thick face loh~macan nie pun boleh!
I just knew him,he is the kind of guy who dont wanna do thing,and will try as best to choose the easiest thing to do!and so he guessed that presenting will be the easiest job without knowing that the topic will be so difficult to present~

so at the end, four of us (except the stupid Pig) were the presenter,cause doctor wanted more than one to present the topic after being complained by the pig!
4 of us just presented for the part we prepared.and the Pig just sat at the back there listened to us~see,macam nie pun boleh!

As usual, after presenting,we will get signature from the doc,and the Pig Face without doing anything,without contributing any effort on the presentation, dare to take the log book and gave it to the doctor to sign!really WTF!!!!!
I never saw a person who face is more thicker than him lor~~

NOT this kind of pig loh~
at least this kind still cute and chubby

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