Sunday, November 22, 2009

aiz...lazy to blog la this few days
although I am online-ing,although I am doing nothing,no one to chat,nothing to play,yet I still not sooo willing to blog...

BUT because of the damn slow lacking line,I couldn't play my KO,I couldn't watch drama online,I couldn't do anything pun....WTF!!!This is what so called as the fastest internet streaming in Malaysia?!Ask TM to die la!!!it is even slower than a turtle ok!what the use of having a streamyx if we can't play online game,if we can't watch movie online?!
IT IS TOTALLY USELESS!!!!!!(wondering should I ask my mum to change it into P1 @_@)

OK la,since I already blogging now,I shall blog about my yesterday BBQ at my friend's house ^^
although there were just 5 of us,yet it was still fun!

me,Iki,Vinsern( the Sabah guy),Xinrou,and Lai
plus Xinrou's mum and her little bro^^

the result of not keeping an eye on the fire
This was Vinsern's fault!!!!Definitely not mine fault!!!=.=
my turn to look after the fire had over that time

The last group photo before we ended our BBQ session,all already full except Liew Vinsern!haha
(the main point of this photo was not the people inside,it was actually the hangus fish ball =.=)
*Vinsern's 杰作*

Photo with Xinrou's little brother
Who name is Kevin(if I am not mistaken),who don't like others to call him as 小朋友 or 小弟弟
and I am his sifu also taught him how to bake chicken with BBQ set!lolz!

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