Saturday, November 14, 2009

I just hate it!

As usual,every saturday I will be going to my yi mah's house there to eat dinner and drink home cook soup(住家汤),but don't know why always there will be raining on every saturday evening?!wtf!!!!!!!!!!!

I was sooo happy at 4.30pm just now,thought the rain will be stopped after 6pm then I could go to my yi mah's house to drink the soup and of cause to have a FREE dinner!hah!
During the period between 5pm to 6pm,I was so damn hungry and I purposely walked to the cafe there to see whether got waffer or burger anot,but once I reached the cafe,suddenly I changed my mind and felt like wana to eat TIGER chocolate biscuits. So I walked to the koperasi there which is located at totally opposite direction from the cafe there...I walked,I walked,I walked...AND finally I reached the koperasi already,but soooo unfortunately that it didn't open today...
"Nevermind la,since it didn't open,so no need to waste $$,later can have a FREE dinner at my yi mah's house...^^" I consoled myself with such a lame excuse =.=

so I waited until the rain stopped,and when it stopped,when I preparing to start the engine of the motor,the rain started,so I went back to my room and waited patiently again....
FINALLY when the clock shown 8pm,and I thought the rain really stopped already,so again I went to start the engine...
During the half way to my yi mah's house,the stupid rain started to fall again!I thought I could reach yi mah's house before the rain become heavier,but sooo unlucky that the rain became more and more heavier,it gave me no choice,and I was forced to U-turn back to my college >.<

After waited for soooo long time for that free dinner,but yet I didn't manage to eat it....
At the end,I went to the college cafe there and dabao NASI GORENG KAMPONG...T_T

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