Thursday, November 26, 2009

holidays end soon(very very soon),study weeks start soon(very very soon)

yeap!holiday is getting nearer and nearer to the end,believe me,its' available 'lifetime' just left 2hours only....SOON it will be ended T_T
and so my horrible,boring,busy study weeks will be started soon....T______T

Tonight will be my last night online happily at faculty here,will be saying 'bye bye' to this faculty which has been accompanying me so faithfully throughout these few weeks when the college internet server is down! 'Sai Yo Ra Na' my dearest faculty...I will miss you for sure...

I swore to myself,I promised to myself that I will start my study tomorrow right after I wake up in the morning!and I will keep my promise!I will do it for sure!
because I had promised someone also....and I will keep my promise ^^

so,after this post,I think u all 'yao pai dou erm wui' see me online ge la....don't miss me ok?if you all miss me,or you all want to make sure I am still alive throughout the whole study weeks,please do phone call me chat with me,because I will be living A-L-O-N-E in the whole house for these few days until my housemate come back from their siao or die in the room also no one know...=.=''
(actually got 1 housemate didnt go back to hometown,who stay at college here,but due to his SUPER quiet characteristic,who never leave his own room except when he wants to bath,who is sooo enjoying his single life in the room studying,who never open his mouth to speak or talk for more than 10 sentences in a year,i think so,wont be realizing I am dead in the room,in case I am really dead in room)

Today,I went to pavilion to meet one of my friend,both of us didn't meet each others long time already.I thought of today will be cold as well because these few days always rain,so I wore a sweater out to Pavilion there.At first it was still ok,but when I reached the KTM serdang there,I was sweating like hell,so damn hot,and I couldn't take off my sweater because I just wore a sweater without any clothes,my back was like bathing with water that first I was standing at the most front row at the station waiting for the train to arrive,but as the time past,I was moving backward slowly and slowly,and at the end,I was at the most back of the queue...felt like a stupid wearing a sweater in this crazy hot day!so paiseh,scare people sanding behind me saw my back all with sweat,so that's why I moving backward,so that no one will be standing behind me...
We went to watch the Twilight New Moon.I thought it will be nice to watch,but what the fcuk!It was totally sooooooooooooo damn disappointing me!!!!!!my friend even fall asleep in the cinema during the begining of the 3/4 part of the story!=.= only when the last part of the movie, when the gan jiong part started,my friend finally woke up from his deep sleep...haha
I will only give this movie 2/5 only if I am going to rate it...

For those roti canai lover,you all should come and visit me at serdang here!
I found 1 mamak stall which sell many kind of roti...and all of it with funny funny name punya!wtf
got Roti 2001,2002,2003,2004 until 2009,Roti Diana,Roti Titanic,Roti Jet Lee,Roti I Love U,etc...Got over 50 types of roti for you to choose,different roti name with different roti appearance!haha,you will never know how the roti looks l;ike until the roti is served in front of you!Roti lovers should come and try it,haha,but the taste of those funny name roti are just ok ok jek...and not to forget to praise the tea tarik at the roti mamak stall,it is soooooooooooo nice!

ok la,I think I will stop here now...wana use the last hour of my 'holiday' to watch the Gong Sam Gai d!wtf!damn nice ok the drama!haha...bye bye la to all of you!
will be returning after my final exam,I think so...haha (or maybe before,depend on my determination la =.=)

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