Sunday, November 15, 2009

Canton-I,2012,and stupid cinema!

It was such a happening day,and I hope you will read this till the end...thx!^^

I went out today!It was a sudden gathering since my friend at Johor there came to find me at KL here ^^
We went out at around 1.30pm like that and the first thing we did was went to eat lunch at Mid Valley!phew~right after the lunch only I felt like I am still alive =.=
I was sooo starved before that,fyi,I started to starve since the minute I woke up at 8am in the morning,nothing ever enter my stomach,and my stomach kept on beating drum until I get my first bite of my lunch...I felt sooo relieve after that.

No matter u believe it anot,I can tell u that this world really got what we Chinese said as 报应 or something like that la,since I couldnt find any suitable world to describe what I will be telling later...
Last few days,when my SCC group's members went to Sunway there wet after the trip,I laugh at them because they went to eat their dinner at Canton-I,because I said that 'why you all wana choose Canton-I since out there got sooo many choices for you all to choose?!'
BUT now I am laughing at myself!hah!the thing 'bao ying' really bao on myself today!
My friend brought me to 1 restaurant at Mid Vally there which I didn't know what is the name of the restaurant before entering it...but right after I entered the restaurant,I looked at the menu book there,it mentioned 'CANTON-I'!I was sooo shocked when I saw that stupid Canton-I word,I couldn't believe that I was eating at the restaurant I laugh at my friends...swt... that is what I called as 'bao ying'...or you all got a more suitable word to describe the stupid incident I had this afternoon...=.=

Maybe because I was toooo hungry that time,starved for sooo long time already,I ordered many many many things that time...AND at the end,I found out that I used RM40 to have my lunch at the Canton-I...
We total of 3people ordered sooo many thing,until the table was sooo packed with our dishes and no space already,the people beside us were like looking us like a freak,eating like someone who just came out from kampong or someone who never eat Ho Jiak thing before =.=

Right after the dinner,we fetch our friend to pudu there,since I said 'IT WAS A SUDDEN GATHERING',it really was a sudden gathering,I purposely went out at 1.30pm to meet my friend because he was going to take the bus at 5pm to go back to his hometown...
After fetching him to the pudu,we decided to have a try at the Balakong Jusco there to try our luck to buy the ticket of the movie 2012...and oooOooops!WE MADE IT!!!WE BOUGHT THE TICKETS!!!!haha...sooo lucky!
The movie was soooooo awesome,soooo nice!and definitely worth it to be watched at cinema!
I like the story line,I like the everything inside the movie!
It was soooo true that people will be showing their real self when they come to a really difficult time,a time where they need to make a hard decision,where they will become selfish and etc...BUT of cause there will be also people who are kind and good in this world...but they are just sooo little,and I doubt which one I will be when I am in the situation in the movie...I guess I am the kind 1 right?!cause I cannot stand those people who willing to sacrifice their own family leaving them behind without staying together to face the difficulty!I just cant affort to lose any one of my family members...
I was touched by the movie...I was touched few times....
My tears was about to flow down,but it just appeared to be 水汪汪 around my eye there...This not mean that I am a person without any feeling,but I just wana to clarify that with my high level of To-Be-Touched-Threshold,I was also about to cry at some scenes inside the movie!
so,for those girls who feel that the Time Traveller Wife(TTW) was a really great movie,who cry soooo much in the TTW movie,I think you will cry even worst after watching this movie!hah!
but I cannot imagine how is the world if this is really happening in the real life...I don't hope it will happening no matter how....GOD bless...

By the way,I gone through some funny and yet stupid incident during the movie...
when the scene was showing those elephants,those zirafah carrying by the helicopter flying in the sky,suddenly the screen went BLACK!wtf!!!!first time in my whole life I met this kind of stupid incident inside the cinema...=.=
suddenly the screen just went BLACK when everything was sooooo gan jiong...soooo there were a few brave people went out and gooo sue the person there,thanks to them,the movie recontinued,but not from the second where it went black,it was after 1 or 2 minutes....

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