Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I am the leader?!NO WAY!

Tomorrow I got 1 day special holiday!Hooray~~
No class tomorrow-Just specially for my group,total of 30ppls...keke
sooo pity the others 90ppls who need to go for the field trip tomorrow,while the others 29ppls and me can rest in the room,and of course STUDY for the Thursday exam!YIPPEE~~
I thought I will be having problem in finishing the revision,(although I am not sooo sure that I manage to finish all the notes in 1 day for the exam),But at least I got an extra time to study for it!haha...

Just now was the UDE seminar in which we had presentation on Lung Cancer.(ok,who got lung CA now can come and consult me,I am so damn pro on it now =.='')
The lecturer who supervising our group really a sampah!I think the word 'sampah' just suit him well!haha...because I couldnt find any word to describe him now...
Other groups' lecturer was sooo dedicated and sooo strict to them,until all my friends were sooo damn suffering,kept on surfing internet,searching for the information and kept on updating their presentation,BUT the lecturer of my group just listen to our presentation and didn't give us any comment,didn't say which one good,which one bad,which slide needed to be improved or which slide not necessary to put into it...
So we thought our group will be going to die soon after the presentation,will be sure scolded gao gao by the other lecturers because of the lacking information or our information provided there are not relevant...BUT soooo surprisingly that miracle happened that our group was the only group who managed to finish our presentation in less than 20 minutes,while the other group just didn't manage to do so,and the other lecturers seem like quite enjoying listening to our presentation and some of them even praised us!muahahaha....Me myself really never thought that kind of thing will be happening...BUT IT DID HAPPEN!^^
I just beh tahan the Mr. A (my group lecturer) who act soooo happily after hearing the praise from other groups' lecturer...Wahsai!HE DIDN'T GIVE US ANY CONTRIBUTION OK!
What I can say now is 'Maybe we are toooo good in doing presentation,tooo efficient in searching for relevant information.....etc....AND it is definitely unrelated to who is our lecturer!'WTF
sometime I am quite pity for my group's leader,Thanu,who works sooo hard for the presentation,and everytime when there is a seminar,she will be choosen to be the leader,until now she said she fed up to be leader already,she said she don't want to be the leader already....
When she was talking to me,she was using a tone that there was some isi tersirat in it,in which that she want me to replace her to be the leader...WTF!I BE THE LEADER?!NO WAY!!!!!!!
But what to do?!nothing I can do,she really kelian,sooo I accept the 'OFFER' already!damn stupid I am har?!
I couldn't imagine what will be happening to my next seminar SCC group with me who is the leader.....

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