Sunday, December 6, 2009


There is just 1 week left to the final exam
Can I manage to finish my revison??oh God,pls bless me...

Below is my timetable for the next week schedule ^^
(but before that,I need to finish off my CNS revision by tonight,but I know that the chances of succeeding it is soooo damn low T_T so I make tomorrow as an extra day for CNS) It will help me alot if I make it by tonight!
TUES (8Dec)-WED (9Dec): Package 9
THURS (10Dec)-FRI (11Dec) : revision on CNS and MS all over again
SAT (12Dec)- SUN (13Dec) : revision on ENDO and REPRO for the final strike!

Monday will be the first day of examination,and it will be a 'Exam Marathon' as it will continue until Thursday nonstop in between...=.=
I just don't understand why other courses and universities will have their exam within 2 to 3 weeks time,won't have such long study weeks,will have a few days break in between each papers for the students to get enough time for their revision for the next paper.....students also wont be soooo damn stress,at least they are not like us,they can forget all those things for the previous paper and just concentrate for the next paper....BUT we can't!We need to study for 3weeks nonstop and memorize allllllll the things into our brain within that 3 weeks,and at the end,just vomit allllllll of it out during the 4days nonstop exam marathon....=.=
once we can memorize A,we will forget about B,then once we manage to memorize C,we will forgot about A and B......

how pathetic we are as the medical students of the UPM.....T______T


  1. at least macam 1st sem..
    v finish package 7 on fri..
    then will have fri, sat n sun for ms n cns..

  2. @.@
    hah?!u planning to do ur final revision on cns n ms on fri sat n sun ar??the last 2 days u are not going to study repro n endo ar??

  3. btw,what is the paper on monday??monday repro n endo rite??tues cns n ms rite??