Monday, December 28, 2009

Xmas cbration @ Singapore~Day 1

We (my two sisters and me) started our journey from Ipoh here to Spore at 9am in the morning by bus.
I knew that from Ipoh here to Spore will take us about 8 hours journey,BUT I never thought that the 8hours journey was sooooo torturing and suffering,plus it was morning,hardly to get into sleep in the bus...
The bus stopped half way at the rest area beside the highway around 11am,and I thought it will not stop at anywhere else for lunch since it already near lunch time,so 3 of us bought 3 packs of keropok udang as our lunch =.= sooo pity,there rest station where the bus stopped has no restaurant,there was just a hawker selling keropok and those malay kuih...NO choice,forced to eat keropok looh....kesian my little stomach
BUT the bus stopped again at 2pm at another rest station at which this time the rest station was nicer and bigger and there was some shops selling food eh!wtf!zha dao that time,if I knew it the bus will stop at here,I wouldnt buy the 3 packs of keropok udang >.<
my advise for those who travelling abroad for the first time,PLEASE bring along at least 1 person who had experience in passing the kastam gate....haha,or else you will be super nervous that time!

we reached at Spore at 6.30pm,my big sis already waiting for us at there,and we went to had our dinner at The Swensens...haha...quite nice the food there ^^

camwhoring before the dishes served to us ^^

and these were the 2 person who treated us for the dinner at The Swensens!hehe

the Xmas tree deco at Bugis Junction

p/s:will be continue with the second day post later...more photos will be coming up!^^


  1. who was the guy? looks so serious

  2. my gugu's I should call him wat??I also duno...i just call him gor gor oli >.<