Wednesday, October 21, 2009

crappy post...

Everyweek when I open my nuffnang account I can see that my earning is increasing,yup!no doubt I AM SOOOO HAPPY with it...thx la for those who click on my ads...^^ 'hao xin hui you hao bao de'...haha

I don't know what is actually happeneng to me,I AM HAVING CONSTIPATION FOR 3DAYS berturut-turut!!!!This kind of thing never happened to be before,first time experience it,and it feel sooo soooo many things,but nothing come out from my anus!OMG~~
I think it maybe due to the medicine which I am taking this few days...
*praying hard for those stool to come out* even if it is just a super tiny small stool comes out only,I will be satisfy with it!>.<

My friend left me a comment on my previous blog,mentioned there that 'it is never too late to somebody u love them',so now I wana tell my 4th year buddy I LOVE HER soooo damn muchie~~
I really appreciate that you will be coming to that medic night!althought at first you tell me that during that night you will be alone because all of your friends are not going with you...THANKS alot BUDDY!!!!

I am really pokai,never felt soooo poor in my whole life!!!!!!

Today morning I woke up at 6am in the morning,needed to be prepared before 7am because I will be going to HKL for my ECE session,BUT WTF,THERE IS NO WATER SUPPLY?!
omg!!!!my face was super oily that time,my hair was super messy that timeand my mouth was sooooooo damn smelly that time.....
But at the end,we went to collect water from the bomba paip there and at the end I was managed to brush my teeth and wash my face,and of course comb my hair la....
As my friend Xinjiat mentioned in his blog,there will be a balance between good luck and bad luck...and it does happen to me!!!
when I was almost prepared,suddenly my friend told me that the doctor will be coming to Hospital Serdang here for the ECE session!haha...I am sooooo damn tired and so I went back to sleep until 8am only I woke up again....^^ And there is water supply already when I woke up at 8am...haha....

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