Friday, October 2, 2009

Go movie?!haha...

I am making a very difficult decision now...
Don't know whether my final decision will be the best anot... :(

ok la,just leave the issue of making decision aside first
Tell you guys one thing,if you all still remember,my blog last time always about those 'boh lui...boh lui'...haha
this time I will again blog something about $$ again :P
I thought this month it will be better,because the mega sale had ended,and I got no any intention to buy any clothes,I had already bought my Medic Night formal clothes n slack,BUT early of the month I already withdrawn RM120 to pay for the Medic Night...swt... my monthly expenses become little already...
plus sooo many people birthday this month...swt again....
BUT what is happening now is I am thinking where to go,where to eat,n go to watch movie...etc
oh my godness,I am really that kind of people who don't know how to write the word 'DIE'...>.<
I had experienced before the taste of being pokai,but I am still not scare with it leh...
I am planning to go out tonight to watch a movie,as usual a midnight movie,but as usual also,my coursemate don't want to go with me,reason because they feel like it is tooo late already...BUT i really like going out to watch midnight movie :P
sooo if I really go,again I will ask my junior to accompany me...kaka

By the way,fyi,I am going to have a dishes-tasting session tomorrow!!!!
haha,I will be the one of the 10 person who go and taste the dishes for our Medic Night!...if I am not mistaken it will be FREE!sooo I got FREE meal tomorrow at a 4 stars hotel : )
DON't be jealous la...

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