Tuesday, October 13, 2009

POST Mid-Autumn festival

I had my post-mid autumn festival celebration just now
It can only be described in 3 words _FUN,FUN and only FUN!
haha,I know is just ok jek la,not tooo fun pun,but at least not like last year played those stupid game and end up with 冷场 ==""
Although this year,there was no tanglung,no hampers,BUT at least it is not as boring as last year during the game session.
Right after the eating spree,the WATER WAR started!
At first I thought I won't be playing,but at the end,I also participated in the war.
IT was quite fun throughout the whole war,it was just a little boring when the juniors started to stop attacking us and started their dinner...
SO that time I was like erm sorng them,when we were still eating,they started to played the water war,but when we were at the peak of our excitement,they said they wana eat...swt
SO without bothering their order,I poured water toward those juniors who were standing near those fried rice and fried mee there...and it ended up I helped them to add ingredients into their rice and mee...No matter how the president of this activity asked me to stop that time and let them eat first,I was like deaf that time and kept on pouring water toward them,until there was no survivor left...Nyehehehe.....
The term survivor means those junior who his or her hair is still dry!kaka
so at the end there was NO SURVIVOR left!!!
SOMETIME I feel like I am a very cruel and mean guy!
Guess what,just now I even used a pail full with water plus SOAP inside,and I used it to pour at those unfortunate juniors...My buddy even told me that some of them even drank the soap water accidentally...I felt sooo guilty at the end after the whole water war had ended...
BUT after all,it was still a game,and this 'water war' idea was from the juniors themselve,so I was just 'following their order' to play the game they wanted us to play only,so I am not the one to be blamed for all those cruel thing I did to those juniors looh...(trying to find any reasons to help compensating my guiltiness :P)

BUT no matter how I still need to thank my little buddy-Chui Voon for treating me to go for the post mid autumn celebration!
I said I love you,and that is why you get the 'reward' from me :P


  1. i din find it fun at all... coz pity 1st year... seniors think themselves is big... then mess up all the run down ad... and i felt u absolutely x correct 2 pour water when they r eating! coz y dun juz let ppl finish eat... then play some light game 1st baru water war?? y dun juz follow wat the 1st year had planned so sufferingly... after eat shud b rest a while de ma... straight play water boom! sot de! and so ppl x finish eat pun... then kena attack suddenly... pity one you noe! >< hope next time... u as seniors... follow la wat the juniors plan... at least appreciate them... ==

  2. lolz...they ask us to play the war ok,if thee is no war rite after the dinner,if they play the light game first as wat u mentioned,I wil follow them de looh,but they wan to play the war soo early,I just followed them only...>.<
    haha,I really sorry bout pouring water to them la,but it is just a game,and at the end,we didnt take any hampers mah,all the hampers left there for them,somehow we did left some compensation for them looh...haha
    hope they really dun mind...

  3. huh?
    u dunno that u are always cruel and mean mea?