Saturday, October 3, 2009

weird dream I had

I had a very weird dream just now...
AND it is soooooooooo weird until I don't know how to describe it...>.<
(sorry,I admit I have limited English using capability,soooo you all understand la...^^)

WARNING:if you don't want to be frustrated by this blog,better get out now!^^

A roughly idea of the dream,for those parts which are still inside my memory...I will try my best to tell you all...BUT don't hope that you all will understand,cause DREAMs are usually weird weird,it never happen that it will be simple n easy to understand :P
(so if you all don't really understand my dream,pls don't blame me for reading this blog...either my English level is sooooo bad until I make you all blur later or the dream really soooo weird and is non-understandable...haha)

The dream began with suppose that I needed to go to a gathering
But then I need to wait for my friends who need to travel from other state to my place(haha,I had forgotten where was I in the dream,and who was I waiting for,and also from where my friends were coming from...)
soooooo I waited,waited and waited until the time reached 11pm in the night and they finally reached my home
so we started our journey from our home to the gathering destination

AND the weird parts were:
1)If I was not mistaken,I was wearing my sleeping wear to the gathering,WTF!haha...beside that I was wearing the RED colour sweater(the one I bought it from Genting last month) And what soooo special about my sleepwear was my-short-pant-was-soooo-ugly-that-it-had-a-1cm-hole-at-the-right-side-of-my-buttock-there,swt!I WILL NEVER WEAR IT OUT IN REALITY!

2)my mum let me went out although it was already 11pm in the night?! (If in the real world,my mum will start to call my and ask me fast fast go back to home already once the clock show 11pm!and my handphone is just like bursting keep on receiving the call from my mum asking me to go home)so it was quite unexpected that my mum will still allow me to go out that time,haha,that why I said this is dream,it never happen in reality :P

I drove to the gathering destination
At the beginning,it was quite ok,but don't know why suddenly I felt sooo difficult to change the gear.It was like my car was dragging on the road...
SO I stopped aside and checked my car....
I found that my leg couldn't touch the 'crush'!haha...It appeared to be sooooo short until my foot also couldn't reach it...=.=""


HAHA,that is the end of my DREAM...
will you feel like zao dao for reading this?!
lolz,what can I do?!
DREAM usually is like this,NO ENDING is it speciality! : )