Monday, June 28, 2010

An unpleasant morning call

Today morning I received a call from my an unknown Kl number, so I answered it and realized that it was my doctor.
Few days ago,I went to find him to ask for permission to change my current group which is Group B to Group A.

(just for those who still blur with the grouping,once we enter the clinical year which is third year,we will be divided into 2 group, A and B. Group A will be studying Medicine while Group B will be in Surgery. Because of this different field of study,these 2 groups will be separated and will not be seeing each others again. Even worst when we enter forth year,one group will be at HKL while another group will be at Kuala Pilah for posting)

let continue my story here...
The doctor called me and told me that I failed in changing the group! #%$&^%$&^%$&^%$!@#
If I really wanna to change group,I need to find the Timbalan Dekan and change from him wor!
so now I am still in Group B, while all my best friends are allocated in Group A!WTF
really a WTF for me!this means that I won't be seeing them liao after entering forth year!even now,I can only meet them during night time only (class until 5pm),with nothing common to chat with,they will be in Medicine while I will be in Surgery part.arghhhh......

Let me clarify one thing first, I still got my friends in group B (especially the girls from B2.10,you know who you are la,no need mention here),just that not as BEST as those in group A la,still can play,can 'sot' with them but if let me choose I will choose group A la...haiz,sienz

Will try to find Timbalan Dekan on next Monday to try my very last luck!
Hopefully I can get the approval from him la that time! If not,I can't do anything pun,mai just stay at Group B loh....
maybe that time I will be best friend with them in Group B,and that time I mai got 2 bunch of best friends loh!see how good it will be!haha


  1. wah...Aj..
    You really persistent o..geng!!
    wat reason you going to tell timbalan dekan o??
    coz i'm sure he won't buy it if you just tell that your friends are all in group A rite??
    Hmm...anyway..All the Best o!!
    If u made it into group A, then me also can see you everyday lo..=,=...haha!! Jia You o!!

  2. I am planning to give 'all my housemates are in gp A,so it will cause many inconveniences if I am alone in gp B,study will be a prob,no group discussion...' but hor,fyi,all my housemates are in gp B as well,so I am wondering they will know my house anot?will the timbalan dekan know I am cheating him??hahaa

  3. yea...
    u can find timbalan dekan to change...
    and what im gonna tell u is...
    u can change de....
    but just that dun let everyone know...
    if everyone go change...
    timbalan dekan will feel very "fan" and reject u..
    go alone..

  4. why u know timbalan dekan can change??n if I gv the reason "all my housemate at gp A but I am in gp B' will it be ok??will he know I am cheating him??what reason ur CBK them used to change??timbalan dekan nice o??

  5. cbk them cant change..
    coz all ppl are going...
    the timbaalan dekan is frustrated..
    thats y i say you shud go alone..