Thursday, June 17, 2010

F-ing driver!

Today,I drove...As usual when I came back to Ipoh,I will be the driver who drive and fetch my parents out for shopping,just a normal routine and of course because of my parents don't know how to drive auto car,so terpaksa lah I...haha

We went for Fuh San dim sum,requested by my sis...we ate till very full there,as usual,I still feel like Ipoh dim sum somehow is way better than KL one,at least the dim sum at Ipoh here is much more bigger than those at KL!haha...tried once at KL there,but those dim sum are so damn small,not fun chewing them...lolz,boh dak!

Then as requested by my mom,I drove to Jusco for daily equipment shopping
nothing much happened,just a normal shopping for food!haha

BUT bad thing happened once we left the Jusco
I was in my car,on a very straight road...supposingly nothing special will happen if every car run on their own lane,but DAMN it,one car from the right lane suddenly drove into my left lane just with a 'turn left' signal within less than 0.0000000000001 second!TMD!you thought this road is belonged to you gah!no need see car at behind gah??you wanna turn then can turn already ar?!open you eyes la dui!you thought signal is everything ar?!GTDLU!
I was driving so fast at behind there,so near to the stupid F-ing car!He dared to just turn like that without looking at the side mirror!WTF!how am I going to stop wor for you o in such speed!again,GTDLU!
because of you stupid TMD driver,my both parents scolded me okie!
Said me 'didn't beware of the car in front la','why drove so fast la','why wanna squeezed with ppl la,who didn't I stop and let him passed first leh',etc etc.....
spoilt my day nia you F-ing driver!
DON'T let me meet you again!or else if I am alone in the car without my parents,YOU WILL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha,okie la,finished on the anger releasing part already!lolz
fyi,tonight I will be celebrating my 'HAPPY FATHER's DAY' ^^
just wait for those pictures la,if I am going to blog la...haha

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