Saturday, June 19, 2010

the old times...

Today gathering with my secondary school old friends was indeed the most memorable gathering I ever had!
There were Lee Xin Jiat, Ho Joon Heng,Lee Kok Leong,Teoh Kah Heng,Khor Siao Jen,Khoo Chin Choo and I went to the newly opened Wong Kok Cha Chan Teng to had a yum cha session...

Since the CNY gathering,we didn't actually meet each other already,so today was happy and fun to have a gathering again!^^
The yum cha session was really great,we chit chat there,38 this 38 that,we talked many things,but mostly which came out from my mouth were rubbish la of course,haha...we are all still the same,still like this,still so 废,haha,really miss the old time!

(didn't have any photo to post here,cause all photos were in my friend's camera there)

our next stop (after Siao Jen and Chin Choo left) was at Joon Heng's house!
That part was the most enjoyable part of the day!
Right after we entered his room,we started to talk about our secondary school time memories,even primary school memories also we talked! was so fun to recall those funny incidents which happened during school life,most of them still in my mind,but abit blur...
We talked about teachers,we talked about friends,even enemies also ^^
I had forgotten most of the teachers' name,but yet a few of them I still remember la,haha
We even took out the old 2003 school magazine out and identified those teachers!Those funny nickname of the teachers also came out!

A picture took from the magazine
funny when I looked back at myself after 7years today!
(click to zoom it)
hope this kind of gathering will be there again after 10 years from now....


  1. 10 years from now? wasai, old already loh. bring along our children and wife or girlfriend(if got lah)~~~ haha

  2. @xj:haha,yaya,must keep in touch!
    @kok leong:that time need to book whole restaurant d!

  3. @sem:haha!yaya,you should look back to those magazine!you will laugh!and the most fun is when u look it back with a bunch of friends!