Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A happening day

Today was a happening day for me! (read the last part only if you feel like boring,haha)
I woke up at 9.30am in the morning, and I busy doing my things until now non-stop! until now 6pm only can rest =.=

9.30am woke up,brushed teeth,bathed,breakfast,then went to my secondary school to find my secondary school teachers chit chat. Long time didnt see them already,chatted many things!haha

chit-chatting until 11.30am quick quick went to hair saloon to have my hair cut ^^
next week new sem opens mah,new students will be coming in,of course need to cut a nice hairstyle la,to attract people attention!and if lucky,get a gf!lolz...
So I went to have a hair cut PLUS straightened my hair of the front part there,lolz,after the hair cutting session,I transformed into a super handsome guy again!
I promised my sister I will come back to fetch her to her college for exam at 1pm, so I limited my hair-stylist to finish it within 1 hour!and he surprised me!He did finish it within 1 hours,cut plus hair straightening leh!geng!must give him a big clap!

I rushed back to home and had my lunch just in 10 minutes time! Then need to fetch my sister to college liao,sienz!haiz....cincai la,this time I clever,I asked my dad for RM50 to pump petrol in order to fetch my sister XD
Last time,I was using my own money leh to fetch my 2 sisters to here and there,so heart pain ar when I saw the petrol meter dropped so fast!

Right after that, I went to the PROTON service center there to have my car serviced.

Really regret for buying a PROTON car! PROTON car really no good one. Believe me,if you want to buy a new car,don't you ever buy a PROTON car,no money pun,at least choose PERODUA la,you won't feel regret like me now I guarantee!

Let me tell you something...
1) My dad ordered a Saga last year around September,guess what,until this year April also no car for us! My dad couldn't wait for it anymore,so he changed the car to Persona,and the new car Persona arrived in 2 weeks time!=.= see,I think they purposely forced us to buy a more expensive car by not giving us the car we ordered for almost half year!

2) We normally think that new car will got less problems right,all items are new. But for PROTON, just after 2 weeks I drove the car,it got noise problem already! When I break,the annoying sound will be there. Very sienz geh loh when new car got such annoying sound! If it is an old car,ok,it can be forgiven,but this is a new car ok! Then I went to serviced it,but 3 days after servicing, it got sound again!really feel like F*** the PROTON!

And just now I went to the PROTON there also because of the stupid sound! hopefully the sound won't be appearing again in the future!I am so fed up of it!

When I thought 'Finally everything is done', suddenly an accident occurred!
I am not sure whether it was my fault or what,but I really got turned on my left signal before I turned left
I just heard a 'crush' sound,and suddenly I saw a guy fell down from a motor at my left side!
The first thing I noticed when I stopped my car and walked out was that there was 奶茶 (teh ais) all over the road,and then only I noticed that the guy was bleeding!haha...
I swear I did turned on the signal before I wanna turn left,it was definitely not my fault...but I was so scare when I was standing at there and got 2 Indian guys came here to see what happened. My dad always said that Indian guy will beat you until die la when you langgar another Indian,but thank God the guy I langgar was a Chinese. They knew I was innocent so they also didn't blame me and asked me to just go away.
I asked the Chinese guy whether he wanna go to hospital anot,but he didn't bother me. The guy just stood up from the floor,picked up his motor and started the engine then went off...
He went off,so I went off too...haha,really 有惊无险, but I am still feeling so sorry to him...

BUT luckily,my car didn't get scratched by that accident!
at least this showed that the guy was great in dodging my car!^^ (a little compliment to him la)


  1. luckily the motorcylist wasn't me...otherwise, I won't just walk away quietly...i will ask for money for sure...lolz

  2. @kokleong,IKI:what la,I did asked for fetching him to hosp one,the 2 indians can be the witness for me (altho they dun un what I said,but i think they knew it gua) ^^