Monday, June 13, 2011

Cousin wedding dinner :)

Just back from my cousin wedding dinner

The dinner was satisfying!the dishes were so mouth watering!

got each person mini-seafood-pot la,got roasted piggie la.etc...

(see,all the sisa-sisa of the roaster pig!yummy yummy~)

OMGness!all were my favourite!

eat till full full!walao~fattening!but who cares haha,eat while still can eat loh~ blek

My 'yee jeong' sitting same table with me mah,he asked for a cup of Brandy!

Suddenly my urge to drink also came liao,but so sad,I was the driver,need to fetch my whole family back after the dinner :( so i didn't ask for it loh sob sob

But my elder sister suddenly asked for a ccup of red wine leh,then followed by my second sister,lolz,she just drink for trying only,never drink mah,haha.then followed by my dad n my mom!

whatdefatt!all people ordering,and at the end my youngest sister also ordered one for siok!

C.A.N.N.O.T!!!so I ask for 1 cup of red wine also!yeah yeah!drinking happily there
(but my first intention was to try Brandy!nevermind la,red wine also cukup la for that moment)

So,I drank the first cup,then followed by second and third cup!haha...lolz,better stopped already!if not sure scolded by parents from where I learnt to drink so much!hahahaha

then without my parents knowledge,I asked for 1 cup of Brandy!I don't think they knew I ordered it,maybe they thought it was beer only I guess.but I didn't dare to drink much,just tried a few sips only~scare later I lam already then really no need balik already my whole family! driver!XD

the LEFT one is red wine loh,not so nice with ice cubes,haha,taste sweeter without ice :)
the RIGHT one is Brandy!see,like beer izit?!haha,calsberg! but it taste like those hand alcohol sanitizer leh!yuackx...not nice XD

p/s:and during the wedding dinner,the DJ played the song Baby by Justin Bieber!wtf!Hate it!haha,but I did shake my head for few second from the beginning of the song!hahaha,then only I realized I.ACTUALLY.HATE.JUSTIN.BIEBER. So I stopped shaking my head already!LOLz


  1. supported here^^~~hehehehe~congratz to ur cousin~

  2. i like red wine...
    normally red wine dun put ice de...
    red wine is chill...
    i dun like brandy also...
    i prefer red wine...

  3. @naughty prince:haha!i dont like red wine with ice tooooo~~the waitress put for me,haha..but hor did u try pure vodka before??u should try it then u know how it taste d!hahaha,taste really like alcohol swab also!hahahaa....dislike also...

    @xjion89:hahaa....thx la for everything :)

  4. the pork doesnt look very attractive though.

  5. @weihan: hahaa...of coz la!that were the bones of the pork la!hahahaha.....lolz