Tuesday, June 28, 2011

God makes our ears so special :)

Do you know that God creates our ear with special ability?

Our ears are so special until we no need to dig the ear wax out
It is created with auto-migration of ear wax from interior to external,and will auto come out like that,no need to dig dig dig.
Last time I didn't believe in this theory,cause it have been 3 years plus plus I didn't ask my mom to dig out my ear shit and none of them auto come out from the ears
So the shit accumulate accumulate accumulate inside my ear,just like constipation loh

Ystd night when I was sleeping,suddenly I felt something dropped out from my one of my ears, but I didn't bother about it cause it was middle in the midnight,and I was so f**king tired leh after the 10km run (click here to view the post about the run) so I continue my slept.

Woke up early in the morning,totally forget about the 'something' which dropped out from my ear.Until at night,suddenly I felt my ear very itchy la,then only it reminded me about last night incident. So I went to search for the 'something' around my bed,and finally I found it under my pillow!haha~~

I found this!
a HUGE cone-shape ear shit!
length:1.5cm ; base:2-3mm
unbelievable huge!
of cause la,3years plus plus( think got 4years also leh) didn't dig ear hole already!
(planned to post the real photo of the ear shit,but scare u all vomit out ystd food after seeing it)

so if you guys out there lazy to dig ears,just wait for it to come out bah!
just the matter of time only :)
by the way,according to my doctor,we are not advisable to dig our ear,cause it has possibility of perforation of the eardrum if ur digging skill is not good enough.
those who are using cotton bud to dig ear hole one,don't feel so happy yet,cause using cotton bud also will push those ear wax medially into the ear and stuck inside,then ends up with some ear disease and serious complication

HOPE you guys learn something here la XP


  1. i agree...
    but i will clean my ear during my bath time....

  2. how to clean ooo??my one is solid type not watery type,so cant clean myself,need ppl to help me dig n clean :(

  3. i heard that if you run a lot, the shit will have a higher possibliity to drop.. not just run la, i mean do sports that involve rapid movement.

  4. huh??really?? run run,then come out hahahahaha,interesting!