Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hari Bendera

Today my secondary schoolmate came to my house area to had breakfast!
I was so touched!(lolz,at least I no need go out far far for breakfast,and can meet them also)

we went to the 'cha chan sat' to have out dinner
and we went there quite late,everything was almost sold out already
but luckily,one of our friends,Kaiyee's parent are selling noodle there,boss leh,so she is boss daughter loh~dont play play loh,haha rich gal!XD
so we all ordered the same breakfast from her parent's stall,ordered Hakka Mee gon lou
yummy yummy,my favourite ate till full full :)

suddenly there was a PBSM boi,erm,roughly I think Form 3 kut,estimation from the size of the boi la (nowadays kids all small small short short one,hardly estimate their age leh,where got like during my time,all big big tall tall like me gea,haha lol)
he asked for donation,at first I planned to ignore him one
but one of my friends said:

ei,he from Sam Tet one leh!see the logo~~

so I mah looked carefully loh.wah really SamTet guys leh
then my friend added:

they all Sam Tet one,I am not XD (finger pointing at the other 4 of us)

haiz,boh bian loh,you know ar,malu mah if ppl knew u was from SamTet but u didn't donate...
so terpaksalah donate~~
took out my wallet,and donated ONE RINGGIT

you guys sure wanna say "Oh my F* GOD!RM1 only ar?!"
aiya,at least got donate mah~RM1 ok la,4 of us,then got RM4 already hahaha
good deed wont mind how much u donate one,got heart enough already ^^ better like the one who used finger pointed at us but he himself didn't donate gea :P

tada,the flat that I get from the boi after donating my precious RM1 note
rupa-rupanya today is Hari Bendera
suddenly I thought of the time which I asked for donation of others ppl in the public during Form1 when I was PBSM toooo~~


  1. lol. u reminded me that i really left my flag-day-card in ze's house.
    so, any good return today after doing A good deed?

  2. erm,hopefully tmr I no need change room la,i wish for that,today still normal normal nothing special happen,if tmr no need change room,means god bless me :) if change room,means I donate too few d,haiz.....will move the room move til I die tmr if really change! I dont wanna change room plsssssss

  3. heart is more important than amount...

  4. @naughty prince:yaya,agree with u!!!!!!:)