Thursday, October 6, 2011



hmmm...FINALLY I tried it yesterday!
My first time trying it and I swear I wont be getting another one in the future!

the experience was really bad loh!
I never thought that buying a cup bubble tea jek (must add a 'jek' to emphasize it) also need to wait 15mins leh!WTF (maybe because that time there were too many ppl waiting for it too,but it is SLOW!!!)
really so nice meh??maybe is nice for trying it at least once la cause of curiosity.
last time my friend said:"WHAT?!you never tried Chatime before?!!!you must be kidding me!" (that why I tried it this time)
BUT for me sure no next time already,sorry Chatime,u cant earn from me already 

Yesterday I went to Mid Valley,FIRST time leh I took the KTM to Mid Valley since after I brought my car to KL :) and the luck was with me!there was no delay of the train!so surprisingly,not like what my friend always blog about how stupid KTM la,always delay la,this la that la...haha apparently you need to have some luck la if you wanna take KTM
Didn't bring my bottle with me since I was not driving (normally I will take the bottle with me if I drive,so that I can drink whenever I am thirsty in the car). So damn thirsty leh for the whole journey,once I reached Mid Valley, I was wondering what drink should I buy leh..and the first thing that came into my mind was bubble tea!

Tell you guys secretly la,I never tried any bubble tea loh before this! (I meant Chatime and Gong Cha la,those cheap cheap one from pasar malam one of course I tried before la lol)

This was the very first time I wanted to try it so much leh!so i walked to the Chatime there and lined up for my turn lo..
looking at the menu there,so many type of bubble tea to choose leh.But the one that caught my attention was the Red Bean Milk Tea,so I ordered it loh~
(a SMALL cup of milk tea only leh also cost RM5.90!OMG!super expensive!)
I was so anticipated for it once I done my payment,the cashier asked me to wait at behind there.So I waited...waited..waited..waited.........
I waited so damn long leh to get my red bean milk tea!roughly 10mins like that!

So sedap meh?!alah,it was just a typical milk tea loh,plus some pearl and red bean in it~~
I don't know why so many people fancy with it loh @.@ maybe I am not a bubble tea super fans gua~
If let me to choose,I would rather used the RM5.90 to buy a SNOWFLAKE loh,at least it is more satisfying loh for me..

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