Thursday, October 13, 2011

Donating RM1 again

Why the title is 'Donating RM1 again leh'?? haha,please refer to this post la
haha,everytime I donate also donate RM1 only,abit stingy right?! (lolz,paiseh)

(should have blogged bout this 2 days ago,but too busy these few days,so postponed until now loh~)

there is a charity running now named 'Truly Loving Company's Promise Me' campaign in Nuffnang
Which aiming to raise RM20000 for Ruman Aman, which need a replacement for their worn-out, 15year old electricity wiring and lightning breaker system.

It is a easy way of donating if you are a member of Nuffnang
(and of course you need to be sure that there is credit inside your Nuffnang account la before u donate,AT LEAST RM1)
what you need to do is just by clicking agree to donate the amount of credit which u wish to donate (from the minimum of RM1)
In my case, my Nuffnang account got total of RM26.32 before I donate
I had decided to donate RM1 only (you can choose to donate RM1, RM5 or RM10)
then tick the acknowledgement box there,and press the 'Submit' button
After submitting, a new page will come out and it will show you the amount you still have inside your Nuffnang after donating.
Just that easy only la,so feel free to go donate la if you do have a Nuffnang account!
somemore this is not using your 'actual' money pun~this $$ is what you earned from people clicking the advertisement in you blog mah, you no need to take even 1 cent from you wallet pun~

It is not the matter of how much you can donate,but it is the matter whether you willing to donate anot
I know that RM1 is not any HUGE amount, but let say if there are 20000 ppl donating RM1, then there will be RM20000 loh~

By the way, help me to click on the ads la in my blog, need to earn back the RM1 leh to earn more so that I can donate more mah XD