Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free treat at Jogoya!

(must read til the end okie :P)

My friend said I always get treat from others leh
got meh?!where got always jek??
Just once in a blue moon jek mah haha,so please don't envy with me la.
somemore I am 'pokai' now,of cause need people to treat me la :(

This was where I went yesterday night loh
Get a treat from my friend for a dinner there!

woolah!is JOGOYA!
aiya,dont be jealous la if you are reading this now,now got promotion la
just go with ur love one,couple got BUY 1 FREE 1 promo now!
if no couple then bring anyone also can la (same sex?!) as long as you both admit you are 'couple',then off you go 50% off! (I don't think they will chase you away if 2 guys pretending to be couple kut)

still remember the post HERE which I said I was invited to the gathering organized by the Jogoya's Facebook,which I get the BUY 1 FREE 1 voucher?? 

YUP!Yesterday I was using the voucher for the very first time!
was going there with my friend and his family,and he paid for me!muahaha...
(the weird part of the whole thing was they were actually going there for his mother's birthday celebration gea!haha,I was an extra there to hold camera loh and helped to sing a birthday song together too)
I ate like there is no tomorrow!ate for 1 hour and 45min non stop!!!kept on inserting things into my mouth jek~(since it was free what :P)
drank a glass of red wine,ate LOT of the cakes there!and of course the Haagen Dazs la!! and many many things there :)
I still remember the last time I went there for dinner was 2 years back, that time there was only Haagen Dazs, but now there is New Zealand ice cream also!Yet still prefer Haagen Dazs more!

(Photos will be uploading ASAP after I get them from my friend)

p/s: Oh ya!btw,the voucher I am having is UNLIMITED voucher!can be used as many time as you want!haha,so whoever wanna go eat,can ask me la, but the condition is that the owner of the voucher must be there in order to use it,so terpaksalah,must eat with me!hahahaa (and if can,treat me as well la :P)


  1. oh my god..
    what kind of free unlimited voucher is tat.. so worth it

  2. hehe!the unlimited stand for can use as many time as i want,no time limited,weekend pun boleh,but i need to be there loh...cant borrow friend loh,u interested??haha,can go with me gah,but treat me loh!hahahaha :P or pay half from me lolz

  3. @naughty prince:u wanna go??hehe