Saturday, September 10, 2011

my 2nd visit to JOGOYA ^^

This weekend kinda happening to me!

First,pokai because of the UNIQLO promo on Friday (refer to this post)
Secondly, I was invited to go for a light meal at JOGOYA!!!!!!
so lucky leh being the choosen one!It was actually an activity organized by the Jogoya's Facebook page,to gather the Facebook fans for a simple gathering

the gathering started at 12.30pm and end around 2.30pm like that
we had photo taking session with the founder of the Jogoya, Mr Jiang Zhen Nan (dont know got spell wrongly anot hehe), lucky draw session,and also a FREE light meal from Jogoya!

erm,the meal was not so 'light' actually,haha,I refilled many times already!
walao!the dessert was superb!I like the cake provided from them!!!!!!!
This was my second time to Jogoya,and the cake still my favourite there :)

We also get a souvenir from them,a pair of Jogoya's chopstick 
you all sure thinking there "yerrr,so cheap gah,just a pair of chopstick only ar?!"
Let me tell you something which will make u shock!There is another mysterious GIFT from them
Did you still remember the photo taking session with the Jogoya's founder,we will get the photo later (due to some prob,it was supposed to be given out today gea)
and behind the photo there is a BUY 1 FREE 1 VOUCHER to dine in JOGOYA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Envy me izit??!!!hehehee I was so shocked when I saw that photo,but so sad,cant get it on the spot,need to wait until they call me to redeem it :(

arghhhhh,Jogoya please call me fast fast,PLEASEEEEEEEE
I wanna hold the voucher on hand and feel the happiness leh keke

Lurve you Jogoya!hope to have this kind of gathering again with you in the future :)


  1. wow, so good!!!! Congratz!
    Belanja me makan~hahahaha~

  2. @xjion89: haha,yalo!so good!i never tot i will be the chosen one leh among 200++ ppl!so damn lucky!but according to the founder,he said in this near future,there will be a more massive gathering n more grand one :) awaiting it!

    @x'tra large: hehe,ur blog also full of foodie wat :P mine of coz wont lose to u la

    @wei han: haha,next time if got again i tell u :) need to observe ourselve mah....

  3. @naughty prince: hehe,dont jealous loh :P