Saturday, September 10, 2011

UNIQLO's fault

I promised myself NOT TO SHOPPING after Chinese New Year
and basically I managed to keep my promise....until............YESTERDAY! =(

Yupt! I broke my own promise!
already so damn poor,yet still shopping!
BUT what to do?!the prices were so tempted
If I didn't buy it,I couldn't forgive myself (what a lame excuse rite?!)

Went to KLCC branch UNIQLO to line up there as early as 8.30am in the morning
(erm,my first time lining up for free gift!last time during the new opening at Fahrenheit also didn't go line up leh!)
I never thought I was able to be there,cause it was Friday,and I thought I will be having class but so lucky NO CLASS that day!so I gave myself a holiday~ (shhhhhhh..don't tell others ok!I just tell you guys here only =P)

Get a FREE Uniqlo tote bag for being one of the 100 first customer!
the tote bag is so nice leh!the design I lurve it so much!!!can use it as 'hang gai' bag also

Really so many people leh!I was kinda lucky to find the 'S' size pink color chino shorts pant (yupt is PINK!haha,u didn't see wrongly =P) and also the 'S' size plain color round neck T shirt!Really lucky la!at first I thought I am wearing 'M' size gea,but the 'M' is abit too big for me,after getting out from the fitting room,quick quick went to search for the 'S' size,walao,both the pant and also T shirt were the last one leh!!!!!!!No more already after me!

The price really tooooooo attractive and tempting already!
I couldn't control myself!
Can't blame me for overused it :( thought of just spending RM50 at first,but at the end,I know RM50 budget was mission impossible

But thanks to the Nuffnang!I get the cheque already!at least it helps me lessen my burden

I am really pokai liao now!

p/s: to my friend Keith Leung,can I say I dont want to kongsi to buy the washing machine?!now I dont have enough money for daily living liao :( :(

Don't ever read newspaper!cause once you read it,you will sure know the promo!sure will be like me now :( super BROKE!!!!

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