Monday, February 16, 2009

FRIENDSHIP-A huge mistake i had done and i am regret now...

haha,just now i was doing my english class homework and the title is 'Friendship'
so,below is what i had written...(based on true story)

"Friendship is a slowly growing tree in my opinion.We can make friend with other people easily everyday,but a true friendship is hard to find.And to maintain the true friendship in our life,it needs everyone of us to sacrifice some of our precious time and to put some love and effort in it.
In this world,there are two types of people.Firstly is those people who live without a true friend.They will only do things for themselve,they will seldom or hardly believe in others,because they think the other people are using them and it is not worth to rely on.But there is another type of people in this world,just like me,who cannot live without friends in this world!Friends are meant everything for me!And tell you guys,I am willing to sacrifice everything for them when they need my help.

I found my true friendship during my primary school.He is my best friend until now.His name is ....

I also found my another best friend during my Form 5.Maybe some of you will think that a person can only has a true best friend and not more than one,but i think everyone of us can have more than one best friends in our life,as long as we treat them with heart.But sad to tell you all,we both no longer best friend anymore!We had gone through many hardship and finally be best friend,but because of something happened,and I wish to have the incident as my secret,i don't like to voice it out why our friendship will turn up to be like that...All I can tell is what happened between us was just all my fault!Just because i had done one thing wrongly,i had made a wrong decision,and out friendship ended like that.Many of my friends don't understand and wondering why we both will end like that,many of them asked why such a strong friendship will break just because of one incident which happened,wondering whether the friendship is just looked strong outside,but it actually weak inside?!What I can tell you guys is the incident happened was not that simple as you thought,and for now,i am truly regret for what i had done during that time.I am really hoping that one day in the future,we both will become friend again,but until now no matter how many time I apologize to him,the outcome still the same.So that why i said that to maintain a true friendship is more harder,we need to sacrifice some of our time,and we too need to treat them with our heart,do not let a wrong decision which happened and spoil the friendship!

As for me,I can tell you all that I have more than one best friend in my life.For those i din mention just now,it doesn't mean that you are not my best friend,it's just that a true friendship is not always needed to be said out to let people know,but if possible keep it inside our heart.If the person also treat you as his or her best friend,they will know it or feel it no matter how."

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  1. hmmm, well, best friends will always be best friends.