Friday, February 6, 2009


finally reach friday already!!
i am waiting for today till my leg elongated till can reach the floor jor!!! @.@
what la... sem 2 just started onli and just past 1 week here and i feel like i staying here for monthsssss already!!!wtf
i really cant tahan wif the new sem timetable!!!
everyday class from 8am till 5pm,all lectures,maximum 5 lectures per day,and class non-stop 1,in between just got 1 hour rest time!!!can u imagine how pack the timetable!!!

everyday in the lecture hall i looking at the clock hanging there, 'tik tot'...'tik tot'... ya, the needle is moving but duno why the time still run very SLOWLY!!!why the time during this sem past slower than the sem 1?!i really dont understand...GOD pls save me from this suffering timetable!!!

and 1 more thing which is different from the sem 1...u guess what??
from from the first day the class started,i already started to 'bia' jor!!!
really 不可能,不可接受!!!
how come i will be so hardworking in the early of this sem?!
last sem i still remember that during the early of the sem 1,i was still in 'PLAYING', 'ENJOYING' mode!!!
haiz...i cant accept this kind of life...but what can i do?nothing can i do!!!

but thx god friday finally reached jor...
and now i am 'appreciating' what malay ppl gav me...
they give me 3 hours break time every friday!!! 3 hours...haha...but pity those malay,need to go and hav their pray...cant cham...

i waited for today for very long time jor...T__T
cause i will be GOING OUT TO WET tomorrow!!!
haha...hopefully the co-curriculum tomorrow will not make any trouble to me,and hopefully the class will end very fast...(praying for GOD now)

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