Saturday, February 28, 2009



haha,to all my beloved friend!Sorry to make u all waited for my new post for such a long time...
wo dou erm xiong geh,but this few days don't know what happened to the uspot here,all kind of website also can log in,pian pian jiu shi blogspot couldn't log in!!!!omg...damn shit low class uspot connection!!

but with my super brilliant brain,haha,i manage to find a solution for this problem jor next time if i stil encounter with this stupid uspot problem...
*Tada...*here i proudly present to the website which it will help u when u can't log in to certain website which had been blocked...

haha...if u all don't believe with what i said,try and see it for urself!!!
this is the first FINALLY-finally i success to log into blogger!!!wakaka..

the next FINALLY...
haha,do u know what day is today?!
today is 28 of FEB!!!
mean what??
it means that today is the last day of FEB jor!!!(full of excitement!)
FINALLY my suffering time will be ended after tonight!!!after tonight,I will be the all new ENG KAH JOON
nonid to be so tam sam for whether i still got $$$$ with me anot?!whether i need to ikat perut anot for my dinner?!
all this suffering will be ended once the clock past 12midnite!!!
omg,i can't wait to be at that time...i cant wait to go to the ATM machine and withdraw the $ for next month
haiz,but now i still owe one of my friend rm37 and also owe mc goh for rm10!!!T_T

MARCH...MARCH...MARCH...I am waiting for U!!!

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