Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My feeling~~

Actually I didn't wish to have this sooooo-sudden 1 week holiday from the damn h1n1
shit it!my life is soooo messy now,don't know what to do now...
I just don't know how to describe my feeling to you all,what I can say is just MY-FEELING-IS-SOOOOOooOOOoooOOOOOoooOOo-MIXED-together now!

1) Today suppose I will be going to HKL there for my ECE session,which I am really not hopping it to be happened,I rather go to HS there for the session...But it's now postponed due to the 1 whole week holiday...But yet,after the 1 week holiday,I think i will be going to HKL also no matter how...And that time,I think I will be wearing mask during the whole ECE session,damn affraid with the H1N1 virus....arghhhhh,I don't want to get infected by it!!!!

2) Tomorrow suppose to has a assessment on ENDO,and I am already prepared more-than-half of it for the assessment...BUT wtf,it was cancelled also now!!!!meants I need to study again for this holiday!$$#^#$#%%*^*&^

3) I am at my hometown at my home sweet home now ^^
BUT,it was toooooo sweet for me,until I am not in mood to study wei!normally I will be waking up at 7am in the morning automatically at my hostel there,but today I slept till 10.30am and guess what I am still feeling tired now!OMG,honestly I NEVER STUDY AT HOME,EVEN IF I BRING ALLLL THOSE NOTES BACK TO HOME,I WILL ONLY BRING THEM BACK TO MY HOSTEL WITHOUT TOUCHING do you expecting me to have myself guai guai sit at there and grab my notes to study for the assessment?!NO,I DON'T THINK I WILL DO THAT!!!

4) I had planned to go and eat the 50% Baskin Robin at The Mines there with jess and tze suen this friday,but now jess at kepong,tzesuen at penang and I am at ipoh here,arghhhhh....we need to wait for another month with 31th to have 50% discount again!

5) I have been waiting for this week soooooo long time,that I finally found 1 of my friends who hasn't watched Harry Potter and willing to accompany me watch the movie this weekend after the assessent,BUT WTF the damn holiday ruined my plan!!!!!Now I am at Ipoh,all my friends at ipoh here had watched the movie,and there is nobody willing to accompany me go watch...T_T

6) This sem there will be 3 weeks study week for us to prepare for our final exam(according to the timetable),and I had planned for it...first week go back to home relaxe my mind,then go back to college on the second week and start to prepare for the final exam,it was so perfect!
But now because of this stupid sudden holiday,I think my 3weeks study week,will be reduced>>>>to 2 weeks...T_T how am I going to prepare for the final if the study week just 2 week?!than that time I mai cannot go back to home rest for 1 week loh?!

NOW i just hope that this holiday can end faster and everything goes back to normal again....


  1. hehe.. dun think so much
    home sweet home

  2. ^^ same over here.. but it's nice to be at home~

  3. hey nvm larrr. u eat at ipoh i eat at kepong suen eat at penang wtf.

    and anyway my church camp still on leh haha..