Thursday, July 30, 2009

Noradrenaline and Adrenaline @@@@

today is the second night of my happy H1N1 holiday which I spent it in my home...
and I am doing nothing for the whole day,just ate my dinner and lunch,and the other time I was sitting infront of the computer online...WHAT-A-BORING-DAY!!!!!!

Just now after I finished watching the drama Romantic Delicacies
I went back to the seat infront of my computer
then suddenly my kai zai Chee Rean woi me thru MSN
haiz,my kai zai sooooooo damn bia,guess what,he was studying for the upcoming assessment!!!
don't know why the first year students are soooo damn bia,thay are soooo effing affraid for the next assessment C & ET II...BUt if I am not mistaken during my first sem when I first exposed to the medic,I also very normal la for them to bia...haha

Their upcoming assessment is about pharmaco (which i hate the most also),it was sooooooooo damn difficult for me to understant the whole thing last time during sem1,now is my kai zai's turn....haha.he is suffering now,I knew it,because the whole night since he woi me,he kept on asking me this and that,all related to the pharmaco,and I just sat there answering and explaining why this and why that...haha...
Suddenly I needed to recall alllllll my first sem pharmaco thing....
So dam sam I couldnt answer my kai zai's question...but in the end i manage to answer it alll...haha
the questions he asked me
1-what is the main defference btw adrenaline and noradrenaline?
2-both can treat bradycardia rite?
3-wat is inc. of tissue perfusion
4-wat reflex bradycardia, overcoming direct actionwo.
5- why for NA, BOTH SYSTOLIC N DIASTOLIC bp increase? adrenaline only systolic increase?
hahaa...and many many more......
But thank god I still remember all of that,at least those basic thing I still remember...phew~~


  1. are u still going to Penang since u are in holiday now?
    Joon Heng is going o.
    but i'm not going la.. hehe.

  2. nonono...not going to penang,H1N1 scare scare...and due to some other reasons,cant go....haha,u ask jh enjoy la...^^

  3. hey aj..not bad o..stil can rmb it..
    if got juniors ask me..i nid 2 restudy again..
    thn i will jz dare to answer their questions lo..