Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Today there was a scl class for the module FAMILY HEALTH again...lolz,our class get the same lecturer and the same things occured!haha...the lecturer also lazy to bother us who were sitting most behind of the tutorial room,haha,so we [Rachel,Yuen Lee,Mc Goh,XiangLin,Yuhui] again chat at behind there,siok siok inside our own world,without paying attention to the scl...lolzzz....

SO many damn funny things happened during the session,we even took our own old photo and shown others,and laugh at each others for the difference of appearance between now and last time during young.
GUEsS who is this?!

*tada* IS RACHEL TAN YEE ANN!!!!!!!
(she is really much moreeeeeeeeeee prettier NOW!!!!!!)

The most funny thing happened was when McGoh's photo was lost(actually was hidden by XiangLin) and he said something which made all of us couldn't stop laughing at behind there!
This was what he said:"不要拿我的照片去自慰!快给回我!"
And we also discussed about whether there is sound produced during 'da fei ji',haha...Rachel was soooooooo wondering whether there is really sound produced during that process and she keep on asking for the answer!This is what medical student chat during free time,haiz,no limit for all kind of topic,all kind of topic also can chat,whether it is 18SX or whatever,WE DON'T CARE!wtf

AND this morning,my friend introduced me to play a new game in facebook,which named 'CRAZY PLANET',feel free to go and play,it can definitely help u spend ur free time....
there is something funny bout the game,when u win a war>>>>(pls view the video below)

D@MN funny this kind of victory celebration!!!!!lolz.....

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