Wednesday, July 1, 2009

4days more to go before....

BEFORE Uni starts new sem again!!!!!
wakao!time really past very fast...I must admit this statement

Today it suppose to be another happy gathering of my Sam Tet gang,But due to some UNHaPPY incident happened to me yesterday night,I couldn't made it tonight,sorry ya my friends,I am really sorry...I promise I will never ffg again next time,sorry...
What I can say anymore,anyhow it was still my fault why the gathering needed to be cancelled tonight..
SORRY to kokleong,kahfai,siaojen,chinchoo,xinjiat and ziyang (I really got my own reason for being ffg)

Just now,I was msn-ing with one of my friends,kaiyee,sho is now studying at spore there
She gave me the recipe of 'Oreo Cheese Cake'!
OMG,I am soooooo Onnnnzzzzz if got people willing to make a cake for me during my birthday,
just like what she did last few days,made a cake manually by hand to her friend's birthday,I wish I could get it also...
I told 1 of my friends I will try to buy those ingredients tomorrow (I hope I really buy) and try to have a first time making cake at home.

My sister who was sick for last two days FINALLY recover from the fever,this morning she looked Ok and she went to work also,so I think she will be alright.

Last but not least,TOday I had TOLD my best friend 1 OF MY BIGGEST SECRETs!!!!!!!
and now I am feeling relieve after telling him the *secret*
HOPE he will keep the secret for me for the whole life
and HOPE I didn't make a wrong decision for the secret...

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