Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Meaningful Day_TODAY

A meaningful day for me,at least not sitting in front of the computer and starring on the screen waiting for people to chat,or facebook-ing for the whole day!!!
Hooray~~Today I past it with a very satisfying feeling!!!^^
I went out at 11am and guess what,I came back to home at 8pm [happy for me,but my mum scolded me for going out whole day lepak!whatever~the IMPORTANCE is I really satisfy with it!]

I thought of reaching home before my dad reached home at 7.30pm,but I failed...T_T
thanks to those CHEMOR-kian,Lailai and IKI Ho,I was late!
I was late to reach home as I never thought I will be that late
I was late to reach home as I didn't know that actually my sister was waiting for me to go hospital there to see doctor again and take the MC

Today [again],we went to Ipoh Parade there to have a gathering before going back to uni (but actually we will be going out again after we heading back to kl because we already planned it for long time ago and the funny thing is the person who was attending today gathering will be those person who will be attending the future gathering at kl there)
At first we (Laikwan,Iki,Lai,Kokhoe and me) didn't think of any shopping spree,but at the end,all of them except me didn't spend $ on shooping,girls of coz spent their $ on clothes and shoes and even belt,guy (kokhoe) spent his $ on facial cleansing foam.And I just spent on my lunch,because I have no $ to spend,D@MN JPA hasn't debit those money into my account yet!!
HEllo,yooooohoooo~~Just left 5days only OK before the uni starts!!! ARE YOU STILL SLEEPING AT THERE?! Fast Fast debit those $$ into my account la wei!!!!!!
And because of that,I became a 乖孩子 today and spending whole afternoon accompanying my friends to shopping...

We went to the MOMO Cafe at Greentown there for our lunch
OK la the dishes there,my order-TOMYAM Fried Rice taste Ok,not bad...
But my friend Iki ordered the chop(I think so),she said taste BAD wor...haha
During the time waiting for the Tomyam fried rice to be served to us,I realised one thing- the MOMO Cafe is so called as MOMO because the time between the ordering and the serving is really LONGggggggg!!!That is why the shop is called 'MOMO' (slow~in cantonese)

Today thanks to those CHEMOR-kian,finally I knew where is Chemor already,and why people always said Chemor is not in Ipoh (actually is in Ipoh area) because Chemor really FARrrrrrrrrrr from Ipoh town!!!!!!
I will never go to Chemor again if there is unnecessary,UNLESS is during Chinese New Year time,I will go there again,and take my Ang Pao from the Chemor-kian!wakaka
so plsssssssss la,I beg the parents of the 2 Chemor-kian,PLEASE let your daughter to drive next time...THANK YOU


  1. haha...kk...will show your last paragraph to my daddy see!!
    Love you all. I am happy with today as well as I really hard to find friends to go shopping wtih me!!!!thanks guys!!

  2. wei,do u hav a blog account??can gv me ar??haha