Friday, June 19, 2009

3days 2nights Penang Trip

okie,well I mentioned it before that I won't write anything about the Penang trip,for the reason being 'LAZY'...that time was because I was boiling the ROSY BUSINESS-a TVB drama,I think those who are fans of TVB will know what the drama is about...A very popular drama for alll TVB lovers!
BUt now because of the siennessszzzz,and it is reaching it PEAK for tonight,it is time for me to search for thing to do and not sitting here looking at the blank screen,waiting for those reply for the comments I had made in those Facebook's post,waiting for friends to on9 and chat with them,waiting for people to send me some funny email,waiting for bla bla blaaaaa.....and I guess now you can imagine how 'cham' am I for this few days after giving up the Lou Poh Dai Yan II...the life here was sooooooooooooo meaningless!Damn it!!!

Okie,No rubbish crapping already
*tada*our penang trip day 1 lunch
It was my first time I entered Tbowl,and most probably was my last time to the food there is just so-so jek,not special pun..
the decoration inside the Tbowl is reall nice,theme based on the toilet,toilet bowl as chair,bath tab as table,and guess what those bowl for food is from toilet bowl also!
thanks to keith,I had my free lunch there!
actually there was nothing special about the trip on the first day,after eating our lunch it was almost 3pm,and suddenly someone suggested to has a try on penang famous 'Cendol',and so we drove to the Perangin Mall [because the parking fee is just rm1 and it is not worth parking outside],we walked passed the Indian street(I think so cause the street is occupied by the indian shop), and finally we reached our second destination of the day!
haiz,don't know why leh,maybe I used to eat cendol of my own hometown,I also don't know got what special about the cendol there,why so famous?!maybe because the local people there never eat cendol before and when they first tried the cendol there they felt like in heaven gua,I think so...
I had my first time feri experience at there! WOW! It was so great and fun and we had many camwhore actions there on the feri...[due the connection problem here,damn lag here!It take soooo long to just upload a pic,so no pic la]

At night,we went to Bukit Tambun there eat seafood!
Haha,last time when alll of my friend came to Ipoh here and that time I was really bankrupt for treating them eat dim sum and also Ipoh Nga Choi Gai...spent around RM200 like that...
This time since I am the visitor,it is the time for the Penangist to treat those who are not from penang la!BLEK~~
We went to eat 亚燕 seafood restaurant.It was my first time seeing sooooooooo manyyyyyyyyyy customers!FULL HOUSE!!!!we waited a while standing there and it was realy worth to wait,it was really delicious and no doubt I will be bringing my family to have a try at here again,but with condition,need to come as early as you can,because there weren't many choices of dishes left for us to choose when we ordered at around 9pm.

Nah,the proof that we really finished alll of the dishes!
and thank you to my friend;yong li who treat alll of us that night,if I am not mistaken,it cost around RM2++

It reached the second days of the trip,and I promised to give a morning call to Peiyi at 8.15am and to go to the girl's house there at 9am,but last night we wet till very late and didn't manage to wake up that early as turn up to be reaching the girls's house there at 9.30am
without hesitating,of coz we were heading to have our breakfast la!DIM SUM time~~
this time it was Tze suan turn to treat us,and guess what,she agreed to treat us because it just cost her RM7+ jek for total of 8persons!
It was really fun to have Din Sum there because we met a cute boy who works at the Dim Sum restaurant there,he is so cute and sometime blur~blur~[okie,am I tooo gay?!]but it is true!
but because of him tooo,my RM2++ T-shirt get dirty!according to my friends,maybe the little cute boy wana to revenge on me because I caused him to waste 1 plate of dim sum,it was just an accident and I also not so remember what happened actually and suddenly 1 of the plate the cute boy holding dropped onto the floor...

Before leaving the restaurant,
ME:喂,这些姐姐说你很leng zai!
The cute boy:她们都变态的!
I couldn't stop myself from laughing after hearing the boy's answer!LOL

The second days at Penang there,most of the time we spent at the Batu Feringgi there.
We stayed 1 night at the Rasa Sayang.
Mc Goh and me wwnt to buy those thing needed for our steamboat while others went to Gurney there shopping,REALLY UNFAIR!But yet it was fun to have a steamboat-shopping-spree with Mc goh at the Sunrise Supermarket,according to him the supermarket is very welcomed by those 阿婶,because of CHEAP!
That night we played many stupid childish games after the steamboat session such as SNAP
and at the end 1 on 1 SNAP!the 1 who lose need to eat the '炸弹'[1 type of dim sum,which da bao from the early morning din sum session]...The 1 on 1 SNAP competition was realy exciting and at the end,it appeared to be a 'olimpic-running-competition'.The one who lost was Tze Suan and she was so scare to eat the 炸弹,and thus after knowing she had lost the game,just like a Flash she ran to her room!
all of us slept at around 4.30am in the morning,and wake up at 8am.
Before we left the house,here is the 全家幅

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