Monday, June 29, 2009

random post

I have sooooo many things to blog bout this time.....
FirstlyI want to confess about 1 thing
I-like-the-song-SUPERMARKET by Gary 曹格!!!
I keep on listening to the song again and again....
the MV for the song also nice,I am now trying to memorise the lyrics of the song,k la,next time I will show my singing talent in front of you all when I go to sing k!

SO sad that Fish Leong couldn't get an award in the 金曲奖!sob..sob..

I wana know who will be my this lengzai's buddy junior soooooooo d@mn muchie~~
who?!who?~can anyone tell me got how many junior from perak??ipoh??or from Sam Tet??I am so desperate to know it.... I-WANT-THE-NAME-LIST-OF-MY-JUNIOR!!!!!
I wana to choose first before others choose,I am not greedy at all,I just want 1 handsome guy and 1 lenglui enough already...DON'T you all dare to rebut with me wtf....

I thought of going to KL last week,but at the end it was just a dream of mine....T_T
now I am undergoing a super d@mn boring LAST WEEK of my holiday at home,should I be happy for this statement?!I also not sure about that...Going back to college means that I need to start study again,but at least it will not be as boring at home right now,after all my friends had gone for the registration for their uni and undergoing their oreintation week...

my sister is sick now....pity her,so kesian she just had her porridge as her dinner,but the porridge was tasteless,I tried it but I did pour some pepper and kicap on the porridge and that why I managed to finished it up...
My sis had a fever since two days ago,at first she thought was H1N1,because her fever was 37.7C that time,she also experienced some diarrhoe and headache,after checked by the doctor,the doc said it was just some food poisoning,and not big deal...But after coming back to home,she looked more worst than that time she went to hosp,wondering whether the doctor checked my sis correctly anot?! Still not so sure about the quality of the doctors from government hospital
HOPE she get well soon^^

Today my dad bought some kuih [not some,actually it was A LOT] from don't know where.Those kuihs were so colourful,I thought it will be delicious because according to my dad,the kuih was bought from a famous stall from Pusing,and all those kuihs were recommended by the tauke there.SO I trusted my dad and had some try...First I ate the 芋头糕,OK leh~~ Then I try another kuih which was in black colour,OMG,I word 'yerrrrrrrr~~ yiakx~~'!the taste was so weird and I just throwd it away.But when my mum came back from work,she said ok wat,quite delicious pun,maybe that kuih is suitable for those old people and not for those young people like me...

Today some of my coursemates were having their resit exam at the Uni there,pity them...
Wish them good luck and hope that they will be getting marks more 50% and pass the paper...GOD bless^^


  1. hahaha, u r really bored! me too~~~~~

  2. thx thx for supporting me...muackxx u 1000x