Thursday, June 25, 2009

twice wee**

Do you all still remember about my LEFT BIG TOE WOUND?!
HAHA,I did say that I will be going to have a small operation on my left big toe rite?!
but thanks GOD the doctor(from the clinic where I been robbed last time) told me that operation to remove the nail is just the final choice if alll the medical treatment have no effect on it....
Now my left big toe is recovering in a very good condition,and I think I can wear shoe again!!!!
Talking bout shoe,I remember back I did buy 1 pair of shoe before the holiday,and I just wore it for one time only,wore it during jessie's bufday...and now,finally I can wear shoe again after my left big toe is recovered!NO NEED to be described as "wei,u going to pasar malam ar with ur slipper on?" by my friends... "
OK!i know I looked very ah pak with slipper,noneed to say like that de....

To have my left big toe to be recovered-is my FIRST resolution for this holiday!
*wee!half achieved!!!*

AND another thing I really want to celebrate is my dad had given me the permission to drive alone!!!!*wee again-second resolution*
Drive to wherever I want,no need to have my dad sit beside me and 'ngam ngam cam cam' beside me...haha,I am proudly announce here that I am NOT scare with MANUAL car anymore!!!!lolz,my dad just didn't believe me to drive alone with a manual car last time since I had so many prob in controlling the 'crush' and the gear, but now NO MORE WORRY about that!^^I am totally a professional manual car driver now OK!!!

HAIz,although this holiday is boring,but still I am so happy that I did achieve my TWO important resolutions...^^

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