Tuesday, June 23, 2009

siew pao :S

SINCE my 'hou heng dai hou ji miu'-JESS asked me to update my blog in a more frequent rate....
OK la,I will do as how she want la...^^

TODAY morning when I woke up and walked to the kitchen there,I saw my mum was cooking at there as usual,but wait,cooking?!OKOK,that time when I woke up it was already 11am in the morning and is time for lunch already,not breakfast...BUT that time I was forced to wake up by my mum and still blur blur~~ :S
when I passed by the dining table,OMG I saw a packet of SIEW PAO!!!!
total of 5 SIEW PAOss inside I quickly brushed my teeth and wooppss finished 2 of it in a minute,fast leh izzit??kaka
Then in the evening,when I was boiling drama,my mouth sooooo itchy and feel like chewing something,I went to the kitchen there and looked for things to chew,OMG,I saw the 2siew pao on the table,at first I just wana eat 1 of it jek,but don't know why I had eaten both of them...
And just now my mum asked me,
"wei!why u ate alll the 5 siew pao ar??din let ur sis to try it ar??"
I answered:"where got?!I just ate 4 of them jek....I tot sis ate 1 of it during afternoon"

BUt my mum said my sis didn't eat any of them and so it become a mystery....
WHERE HAD THE 1 siew pao GONE?!
siew pao got leg 1 ar??

Thanks to JESSIE,I posted this for you all...

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