Saturday, July 3, 2010

I donated!

Nowadays,schools really pro in asking people to donate for them to rebuilt their school,make a new hall or to organize whatever dinners la,etc etc...They asked those small cute cute kids to do so!

Why did I say so?!
Just now when I was washing my car,suddenly I heard 'uncle...uncle',when I looked back and I saw a Indian kid,I think he is just standard 1 or 2 only, (wtf,do I look so old until I deserve to be called as U-N-C-L-E?!=.= but since the one called me uncle was a kid,so I forgive him la lolz)

ME: (just looking at him with a weird expression)
the kid: DONATION please. (omg,he just said one word,and the word explained all!)
ME: (thinking) so pity la,now the sun so hot,and he was looking for people to donate house by house,okie la...So I went into my house and took RM2
the kid: thank you (with a big smile)

why la the school will ask him to go get for donation?!How old is he now?!so young...damn pity him la!haiz...
But only after I donated,I realized that I actually didn't ask for the school name,the kid's name,what the purpose of the donation....etc.... the first thought came into my mind was that to get money and donate fast fast!lolz....he is too cute already,couldn't resist his cute-ness when he was asking for donation!

So,I donated RM2 to an unknown Indian kid,don't know what name,don't know what school,and don't know what purpose of the donation =.=

p/s 1:sorry la,I know RM2 is too few already,haha,but what to do?!I am pokai now...
p/s 2:and hor the RM2 was taken from my sister's purse due to I couldn't find any $$ in my wallet...haha,so I still owe my sister RM2

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