Saturday, July 24, 2010

A new ELM!

I bought a new cellphone
Initially I thought of buying a cellphone with sms and calling function only
but after went to do some survey on Sony Ericson cellphones,actually there are not many choices for me to choose which are under my initial budget RM300 XD

So I had a second thought that how about I buy a more canggih one with all the thing equipped inside,WiFi,GPS,SMS,3G,calling,camera,blabla...everything la with RM600,and it can last long for few years until I am capable to change it to iPhone

At the end,I bought a RM600 Sony Ericsson Elm model!

izit looked very yeng leh!!!haha
got WiFi,3G,5MP camera,sound ok,colour also ok,the screen quite large,got 2G memory card,and GPS in it ^^
and now everybody is talking about 'Go Green',and so coincidently this cellphone emphasizing GreenHeart (environmental friendly product) is made of recycled plastic!So I am 'Go Green~~ing' as well when I am using it!XD

AND the most important thing here is that~~~
~~~my mom SPONSORED me RM2++ for the new Elm!exact amount tak tau la,maybe just RM200 but is better than none!
haha,LOVE you mummy!!!!!!muackx!!!

actually I wanted to buy a slide type cellphone,but I scare of if I sliding it to much,it will spoil,so i think a normal cellphone is enough for me!
This Elm will be my cellphone until I starts to work!haha
will be taking care of it with my life!*I swear!*

the only thing that bothering me now is that my palm sweat easily,and the phone get wet when i hold it!@.@ damn loh like that,is a new model,so no any case or rubber protector to wrap it...
need to wait for about 1 month baru got the case according to the seller... T.T


  1. AJ!! I bought the same model as you last week!!
    Haha, but mine is rose pink de..
    u made a good choice..!!

  2. when you're capable to buy an iPhone, iPhone will be replaced by a more powerful cell phone. Well, you know, technology changes too rapid.

  3. @kokleong:ya loh,that time is not Iphone d loh...haha
    @julia:so coincidet leh,we bought the same model!i am waiting for its case now,i wanna buy
    @jacyn;mana ada show previous one really rosak sampai every button also cant be used d......haha