Monday, March 23, 2009

MY BIRTHDAY (part 2)

haha...I am super lucky this year!!!
many people want to celebrate their birthday with their family pun no chance,but ...
I am soooo soooo LUCKY that my birthday actual date is dropped on my mid sem break!!! lucky I am!!!most probably the luckiest 1...WTF
haha...last two days i spent with my friendssss...and today I spent with my FAMILY...

oohhh gosh!!!really unexpected my mum will ask me want to go have dinner at SUSHI KING anot!!!
of cause la i agree!!!there is no way i will reject sushi...
I ordered the 'Ika Curry'(rice with sotong and japanese curry).It was so delicious!!!!and tell you guys,I am a curry lover!!! irresistible!!!

ika curry

just came back from JAYA JUSCO,IPOH...
and wtf,it is the most sophisticated shopping mall at ipoh here...but yet I am still very like it!!!

haizzz...but 1 thing is not perfect this year..
how can one bufday without a cake gea?!haiz,but nevermind la,since this year I am so happy and enjoyed for those celebration I had with my friends and family...suan la,dong mou so...
BUT,1 of my friends promised me to treat me eat cake this year,so no idea la,need to wait for the chance to meet him,then only can have my cake of the year!!!!!

this year as usual,just like past 18 years,my mum will give me a RM10 'lai si'(ang pao)
and so my pocket money got extra RM10 to use

this year,got a little different,I went to cut my hair...
and it cost me Rm15(but i took money from my mum before i went to the salon)
and now I am in a ALL NEW FRESH HANDSOME LOOK again!!!

this year,since my birthday is on the holiday,so I give myself 1 day holiday tooo...
haha..tomorrow only I start study those note I brought back...
BUT wtf,IKI and JOONHENG don't believe I will start study tomorrow!!!
honestly,me too not sure whether i will study anot...haha


  1. aiyo!!! U sure study 1...hehe, happy birthday(^^)

  2. Lolz.. happie burdae AJ.. forget to wish you tim.. nyehehe.. walao@.. mummy bring you eat Sushi King ady still wan cake.. budak ni betul ar... tsk tsk tsk..

    time to grow up yo~!!

  3. xinjiat:wulala...I just study half note jek today...but that half i very man yi jor,coz it is tooo long n complicated for me to memorize...
    kuan peng:lolz...i ady grow up la,if not i will kacau my mum to buy me a cake,but i didn't...wakaka..