Friday, March 6, 2009

A Hectic Week!!!

Today is friday-6/3/09
and i just finished my stupid Kenegaraan test!!!
45 questions,but i just know how to do for about 5 question by my own!others i ...(haha,you know what I mean ge la) thank god i sit at a 'strategic' seat,around me all got study de,not like me,haiz...

last 2 days really a hectic and tiring days...
co-cu replacement class berturut-turut on wednesday and thursday,somemore it was at night from 8 -10pm...OMG!!!where got energy to study jor after the sepak takraw?!all spirit already used up la in the co-cu session!!!haiz...past the 2 days without doing anything at night!!!I am a bit depressed during today morning SCL,all the things discussed in the SCL I also don't understand one...T_T
thats why i so down today,din't talk much today even a smile also hard to show...
yesterday i even planned to go wet on this Sunday gea despite there is a exam on CVS next tuesday,because there is a holiday on next Monday,but after the SCL,I doubt for the decision i made last night...
can anyone tell me whether should i go out wet on this sunday?!ohh...pls...
so I PROMISED myself to closed my labtop start from tonight when i want to study!!!

**but don't know i can tahan till when...sad when thought of this...**

haiz...don't want to talk bout this sad thing la...
haha...I had a quite memorable lab activities about the ECG!
I really didn't expect that it will happened to my...

I had been choosen by the doctor to show my chest for the demonstration on how to use the ECG...
For the first reaction after i saw the doctor pointing his finger toward me
*thinking at heart* just now at 9am i ate breakfast,lunch didn't eat,now 4pm,supposely no tou lam...nvm la...

haha,the first thing I thought is my tou lam...wakaka...can't imagine hor...
then only i thought of will it hurt or will i get electricity shock?!
I lie on the bed,and the nurse started to put those sticker on my body...and just for a few seconds the process ended...
wtf?!yuan lai the process of taking ECG is that easy and fast!haha...
During the process,suddenly i heard 'chick chak'...yuan lai got 1 malay girl take picture of me with half naked!!!
wakaka...I know i am popular among the girls,but she also no need to take my half naked picture la in front of so many people!!!malu lah I...*proud of myself* But why always malay girls only...T_T
my half naked body full with those sticker which will be connected to the ECG macchine...
(copyright preserve!!!don't save this pic without my permission)

my electrocardiograph for free!!!!
OMG!tell you all,the doctor said that I am super HEALTHY leh...
so,pls don't envy me...blek~~

but the unsatisfied thing i saw from the electrocardiograph is the
mentioned there!!!
wtf?!i what part look like a 66 yo men?!
nvm la...this definitely is the technical problem!!!

haha...that is how the electrocardiograph looks like,but if u ask me to interprete it to you now,haha...sory I cant...because i still not yet read on this chapter...

ohh ya!!!!
talk bout this electraocardiogram,I thought of the lousiest lecturer-Dr T in the world!!!
*tada*proudly tell you that i hate this lecturer very very veryyyyyy much!!!!
A damn lousy lecturer who don't know how to give lecture!!!
someone like him also can become a doctor and even a lecturer,I can imagine how bright is my future will be liao!!!wtf
(because of some privacy,I don't want to write his name here...somemore I scare his name will spoil my blog!!!)
A 4hours lecture,he dare to finished it in less than 2 hours!!!this is not call geng,but is LOUSY!!!
everytime during his lecture,he just know how to press the mouse and skip those important slides without explaining it!!!
And because of this stupid lecturer,made my understanding in the CVS physiology damn poor!!!

*because of him too,I can't go wet this weekeng sunday!!!*
but if I manage to finish those notes and understand it,I will still go out de...^^

so for those who view my blog,pls wish me good luck la in my study this week,I really looking forward to go out leh this weekend!!!haha...thx la

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