Monday, January 19, 2009


finally YOU are under my feet!!!(finally when someone ask me whether i been to lostworld anot,i can say YES liao!!! i an ipoh guy,i also not sure)

we go to lostworld to celebrate PEIYI's bufday!!!tel u something,peiyi is 19 nia this year,she lompat PTS...(and so do I, suan yao-ing)

before entering the story happened at lostworld there,let me tell u guy 1 things 1st!!!
***dont ever go to watch THE SPIRIT !!!***
dont u all ever cheated by the poster!!!looks like OK,but inside SHIT!!!
After watching this DAMN F**K movie,i really wana scream!!!
wasted my RM9 to watch it...even not nice than the DARK WATER!!!really low low low cost movie!!!I feel like wana kill the producer that made this movie...'s all KEITH's fault!!!
that night yong li,yeetong,keith and OCC came to ipoh,and they planned to watch UNDERWORLD3 de,but no yet being forced to watch this suck movie!!!还要是半夜场!!!
if i know that movie is that 'nice',i rather go to shopping at The Store!!!
u know what,The Store opened 38 hours leh that day!!really wasted!!! least i caa=n get some nian huo from there...

**ok dont talk the sad thing jor,lets continue with the LOSTWORLD!!!**

we planned to give peiyi a surprise de,but haiz...好的不来,衰的来!!!

kahjoon:wei,iki,let gv peiyi a surprise le...
iki: how??
kahjoon:peiyi duno penang guy got come de later v enter lostworld n 放长双眼,if c keith they all at left,v go rite...dun let peiyi discover them,k??

but after entering the lostworld,cant even see yong li they jiu forced to walk around without knowing where were them...jiu shi jiang,peiyi n those penang guy bound with each other!!!haiz...the plan ruinned!!!no surprise anymore...

overall,lostworld is fun!!!cost each person rm25 nia...ok la the price...still reasonable!
these Tube Raider actually not scary pun,but because we have our screaming queen-Keith Leung with us,it became scary to peiyi our bufday girl!!!wtf...
keith screamed from the top till the end of the ride with a damn horrible voice!!!
but i also not bad,i got scream pun...althought not scary!just like i said,'酱才好玩的吗...才刺激!!!'
because of this sentence,all of us starting to scream no matter what we play...

at there,we made friend with a siao didi,but duno his name(wtf,forget to ask him)...
d siao didi very cute de...and very friendly,he follow me to anywhere i go,but at the end we nid to left him behind,because we need to go out and celebrate peiyi's bday and eat cake...we planned to bring him together gea,but scare his mum will report this to polis,den mai dai wok!!!d siao didi even wish peiyi HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!(haha...peiyi,you need to thx to me,i persuade him to wish u de...)

RESULT from our coorperation!!!
thx to us,peiyi got a super F cup!!!haha...can u see josephine there,she is covering peiyi's face...damn 爱美 peiyi!!!scare become dark...

i will never forget this 2 pic!!!
cost me rm96.30
hehe...i brought all of them to the ipoh 安记鸡丝河粉!!!very famous many famous artist and singer went there before and take photo with the shop's lao ban...
jinkit plan to follow those artist...after becoming a famous doctor,he swears that he will be cuming back to this shop again and take photo with the boss for sure!!!wtf...

haiz...that all for peiyi's bufday celebration!!!

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