Wednesday, January 28, 2009


today is nian chu 3...
today i past it with meaningfully!!!not like yestersday,nothing to do...stay at home and fa mou only...
today i past it with full of plans!!!morning i went to a gathering with my H4 gang,at night i went to 李口福 lousang!!!
overall,it was the most enjoyable day to me during this CNY...
and the most important things is something really unexpected happened!!!happy with the beginning of the forgiveness from my friend!!!i really appreciate it!!!thank you my friend...

my H4 gang!!!
1-of couse is me myself,lengzai eng kah joon-medic upm
2-liew vin sern-medic ums
3-lee yan ying-dentistry Indo
4-patricia low-opthometry ukm
5-liew pit chin('intruder' from other H kuliah)-pharmacy ukm
at first our plan was meet at ipoh parade main door there at around 10.30am in the morning...but because of some problem,me,vinsern,pat and pitchin late to the gathering!!!left yanying at the ipoh parade alone for almost 1hour there!!!wakaka...she so punctual!actually i already finish prepared myself at 10.15am,but because i was not going by myself,vinsern said he will fetch me to parade...but in this case,we also cant blame vinsern for the late,cause he nid to fetch pitchin at the bus station,and guess what happened?!that pitchin overslept and forgot to wake up!!!just like a G!!! the person should be blamed 1 was pitchin the sleeping queen for the late!!
our original plan was go lousang,want to 'wat' the rich girl-lee yanying to treat us de,but at the end we didnt go to lousang,we change our plan to kopitiam!!!haha...really unexpected!!!
we 5ppl stay at the kopitiam there eat and chat chat chat till 4.30pm,from 1pm...really 口水多过茶...especially with the present of pitchin and pat,who are the 叽咋婆!!!with the present of both of them,we will never be boring!!!(i will surely be killed if this is seen by them) After we finish yam cha,we went back to parade there and try our luck...we try to buy ticket to watch the movie 家有喜事2009,but tell you all,maybe because of my appearance,the luck came to us!!!(because i am a HORSE,good luck this year) We managed to buoght the last 4tickets for that movie!!!really the last four tickets!!!the movie quite good,laugh from the beginning to the end of the show!!!worth to watch during CNY...
*end of the gathering*(i plan to upload pic,but i forget to take pic!WTF)

at night i went to eat dinner with my family at 李口福,my eldest sis's bf booked the table for us...really want to thx to him
left top:me,my youngest sis,elder sis,elder sis's bf
left down:mum,dad,eldest sis's bf,eldest sis

we all total of 8ppl,eaten total of rm 460!!!really not cheap the dinner during CNY,but overall the food served not bad pun,quite tasty!!!worth that price...
but the most disgusting thing i ate in that restorant is the thing dat i like the most!!!i like roosted pig the most,but because my damn sis's bf,he said the pig head is the most delicious part of pig,then i believe him and try the pig head...but who know,i saw teeth on it!!!yer~~yiaks!!!my apetite no more already after seeing those teeth!!!really want to vomit!!!and at the end i gave it to my mum...

can you see the teeth there!!!how i can eat after seeing those disgusting thing!!!OMG

got many dishes,got chicken,fish,mushroom,mee,roosted pig...


  1. that's why you left us so early...
    and why you never reply my sms gea?!

  2. i never reply ur sms meh??
    u said...i even organize the gathering for u all despite i was not going...u c i so gud...haha

  3. dai lou ar!!!
    i sms-ed u for like a lot of times n u nvr bother to reply even once!!!