Tuesday, January 27, 2009


HAIZZZZZZz,what a boring day today!!!
i cant imagine that i m writting my blog today on 'nian chu e2'!!!
can u feel how boring i am...T___T

But thank god,yesterday i past it pretty good,and at the end of 'nian chu 1',my angpao from relatives and friends quite many of 13angpaos!!!wakaka...(not yet include those angpao given by my parents)
HAHA,pretty good right?!
really unexpected,more than i had thought,i thought it will be lesser than 10angpaos,because all my relative said they will be not coming back to ipoh this CNY,due to some 'PROBLEM'(ekonomi down,no extra income,no '财神爷')...but at the end,most of them also came back to ipoh...

yesterday really a hectic day!!!
slept at around 2am in the midnight of 'nian 30 wan',and FORCED to wake up at 7am!!!OMG...everyone just like a PANDA!!!but nobody can help it,cause my dad needed to be in affice at 1pm,and before that we need to go back our kampong first-Kampong there was a limit of time for us...again T__T
we manage to be prepared at 9am,n finally started our journey to Jeram...
HAHA,tell u guy,JERAM so famous in Ipoh,but 1 of friends(lqh) never heard it wor,haiz,dat guy is a perakian!!!really throw off the face of perakian!!!
two things that made me happy when i was at kampong there
1)get angpao just by wishing relatives 'Gong Hei Fatt Choi'
2)get an extra 'CNY INCOME'...wakaka...
why i will say it as extra income?!this is because during the visit to my dad's big brother's house,my 'bak bak' gave me extra RM100 beside the angpao!!!haha...thanks to myself because i am a medical student!!!i m really proud of myself,wtf...then in the next visit to my dad sis's house,my 'gu gu' gave me another RM50 for the same reason!!! that time i kept on reject the money (to pretend only,just dun show i am a greedy person jek),but at the end,those $ still entered my pocket!!!wakaka ^^

SO,from the visit to my relative's house on the first part of 'nian chu 1'
i get total of: 10angpaos + RM150

**after 1pm,i slept at home,cause my dad needed to work**
just that i dont understand why after my long nap during the whole afternoon,i still get headache after i woke up at 5pm,to cont the visit to my relative's house!!!
but this time just get 3angpao jek,not as much as morning...Sob...sob...

these 3days,nian 30 wan,nian chu 1 and 2,i feel damn lonely!!!
My both sisters brought their bf to mei dao se!!!i cant tahan jor...
how come i dont have a gf to show off pun!where are you,my 女神?how come a so lengzai people like dont have gf,really want to extinct my advice to you all,if you all dont want miss out this kind of 绝种好男人,quick quick come to me!!!

during the nian 30 wan,i made a wish to the God liao while praying...
i wish that i will *********...(hehe,this kind of things cant tell people 1,if not it will not come true 1,so i will keep it as secret)
and i realize something really IMPORTANT!
finally i know why i will be so 'hak zai' last year!!!because i am a 'horse'!!!horse 凡太岁...
but in this year,horse will turn from black to RED,and so to my luck...
OH my LUCK,come to me...come to me...
i am not that greedy pun,i just want all my exam in this year PASS jek,just a little wish jek...
today nian chu 2,not bad pun!
althought i din go anywhere,but i got 2 angpao.wakaka...

k la,nothing to write pun now...u all wait la,for my next blog!

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  1. Well, I'm pretty good right here. Got 4A- and 1C for my last term result(not bad). Your uncles and aunties wanna butter you up, so that they can get free medical treatment when they get sick in the future after you become a doctor. Tell you something, a not so leng zai like Chan Hao Cii have a girlfriend at Poland liao. You need to add oil loh!