Monday, January 12, 2009

pimples...tou lam...pls go away!!!

i am relaxing in d house whole day for these few week since the holidays starts,didnt go anwhwere that make me sweat...but wtf!why the damn f***ing pimples will appear de?!WHYYYYYYYY??
and also d tou lam!!!haiz...wat had happened to me?!
i wana cry!!!
tell you,i had planned to go for jog either morning or afternoon since few days agoo..but wat happen,i am too lazy to jog...lazy to go out from my house althought it is just few step to the field from my house,that why i damn regret for the tou lam...i even thought of 跳绳 in my house,at least i no need to walk to the field la,but i also lazy to go find the rope!!!
**really waiting to become fat guy,who just know how to boli drama**

my new aim for this year>>body muscle remove the spare tayar!!!

but guess what,i m planning to start the new resolution after uni start!!!haha...
and the next thing i wana do is buy a new facial cleanser!!!my skin is starting to become sensitive from the normal LUX soap that i am using now!!!wtf...damn sad...

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