Wednesday, November 9, 2011

JOGOYA's Student promo

For all the buffet lovers out there, here got one good news for you all
JOGOYA is having a new promotion again!
after the 'couple buy 1 free 1' and 'gentlemen buy 1 free 1' promo from last month October, now there is a new promo awaiting you! (if only you are still a young and fresh student like me loh)
Yup,it is only for STUDENTS >.< sorry for those who is working and no more studying la,erm I guess you need to show student card in order to get this promo this time. So get prepare with your student ID la!
(erm,the term and condition abit too small,cant see clearly,I think you better refer to Jogoya FB's group page la)

In my opinion,it is worth to go and try once la if there is promotion
RM60.30 nett per pax quite reasonable as the food provided there quite nice,sushi not bad(but not advisable to eat too much as the rice will make you easily get full), the coconut is a must!plus or minus red or white wine(erm,student shouldn't drink so much!!), and my all time favourite- the cakes and desserts!!!!
Thinking about it also made my saliva drooling out already. awwww

p/s:Now only I notice,actually there is promotion for every month!Last time during September also got,October also got, now this one from 18 of Nov until end of this year so many promotions!suddenly feel like the 'special card' I am holding now was kinda useless...cause now everyday also promotion already~sob sob

-useless card-

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