Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gong Cha

I am gonna blog about bubble tea again loh,BUT this time no more CHATIME,enough of Chatime already,let talk GONG CHA :)

Yesterday I went out with one of my friend,we went to Mid Valley for movie,thought of watching 'Immortal' but he watched already,then thought of watching the chinese movie 'Legendary Amazon' but the time not ngam us,both of us were so desperate to watch a movie in order to kill our precious 2 hours,so at the end, we bought 2 tickets for 'Happy Feet 2',it was in 3D somemore leh!>.< each ticket RM19,aiz..the first experience of watching 3D movie gone like that liao,not much 3D effect pun~or I don't know how to appreciate it?!haha

let forget about the penguin Happy Feet movie la
let continue with the bubble tea Gong Cha :)
(forgot to snap a photo of it,until I finished drinking already then only I remembered~paiseh) 

The one I ordered was Earl Grey Milk Tea+pearl
erm,the price same with Chatime too,RM4.90 plus pearl extra RM1 so total RM5.90.The milk tea taste almost the same with Chatime,so the only thing to compare here is the PEARL!
The pearl in Chatime is more bigger in size,more chewy,elastic or in mandarin so called 弹性, and the its taste more sweet, but in Gong Cha the pearl is smaller in size,less chewy/elastic, and it taste nothing,plain plain jek~honestly got abit disappointed loh >.<
The only advantage of Gong Cha is,you no need to queue long long to order and get your drink.
No wonder the queue in Chatime always longer than the queue in Gong Cha

Will be my first and the very last time trying Gong Cha I guess
But I know I shouldn't criticized it till so bad,cause I just tried one of the bubble tea types,maybe the other will taste better..idk

p/s:btw,I just realized that the guy gave me a 50% sugar!He asked me how much sugar I want,I said normal sugar la,I thought normal sugar is 100% sugar leh~but anyway,50% sugar tasted not that bad also,erm,maybe 100% will be better since I like strong flavour food and drink :)

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